Five Indian movies that deserved to be sent to the Oscars

India churns out the biggest number of movies per year in the world but till now only three Indian movies are nominated for Oscars and won none. There are many reasons for it and not sending the deserving ones is one of the main reasons.

Here are five Indian Movies that deserved to be sent for Oscar Nominations.


One of the most underrated movies ever made in India, this movie is a brilliant fusion of technology and storytelling 

Tumbadd is a period horror drama movie dealing with basic human nature like greed and jealousy. Made by a bunch of first-timers, this movie was technically brilliant with an amazing storyline making it a masterpiece. We still don’t know why it was not sent for the Oscars.


A coming of age story of a 17 years boy, Udaan is a movie that deserved to be sent for the Oscars.

Released in the year 2010, Udaan tells the story of a teenager, his dreams, aspirations, and his relationship with an abusive father. Directed beautifully by VikramadityaMotwane, it is one of the best movies that came out of India last decade. Many people believe the movie would have been nominated for the Oscars if sent.

The Lunchbox

A brilliant movie showcasing the macabre nature of city life, The Lunchbox certainly deserved a nomination in the Oscars 

It came as a shocker when The Lunchbox was not sent as an official entry to the academy awards by India. Starring the great late Irfan Khan, the movie did splendid business all over the world gaining much critical acclaim and everyone was expecting at least an entry for the Oscars. But the Indian jury chose a lesser-known movie ‘The Good Road’ for the Oscars.

Paan Singh Tomar

Also starring the great Irfan Khan, it was a masterpiece released in the year 2012. It tells the story of a sportsman turning bandit and had a captivating storyline.

Irfan Khan won a national award for his flawless performance in the movie. It was a hard-hitting and intense movie based on real-life characters. It was one of the most critically acclaimed movies that came out of India and stood a good chance at the Oscars if sent. But sadly Indian jury didn’t think so.

Black Friday

Directed by AnuragKashyap, this movie is based around the infamous 1993 Bombay bomb blasts. It is considered one of the best movies based on a real-life incident. 

 Based on the book by HussainZaidi, Black Friday: The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts, it chronicles the events that led to the 1993 Bombay bombings and the subsequent police investigation. It was surrounded by controversies from the time it was announced but it was a masterpiece and definitely deserved a chance at the Oscars.

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