Published By: Puja Sinha

Five Indian Web Series for your Next Binge-Watch

Your reason to ditch the usual social shenanigans and return to the good ol’ OTT

The unprecedented boom in the Indian web series biz is undeniable. The OTT releases are breaking records in scaling the TRP ladder. Each show entails a wilful escape from the mundane; and stale, recurring and mainstream plot ideas that no longer give you the genuine thrill of binge-watching.

Mirzapur—the Hottest in Mafia Series

The gangster saga Mirzapur is a wholesome watch of the seedy underbelly of the western world stripped of its glare and glitter. Well, unless you are too familiar with the usual tropes and templates of gangster TV in India, Mirzapur could be a gratifying watch. Set in Uttar Pradesh—a murky region beyond the controls and rationale of law, the show’s hyper-violence and poignant storytelling would certainly beat the blues for you.

Rocket Boys, the OGs

Tired of hackneyed plotlines in web series? Rocket Boys would be a riot with its foray into the national scientific community responsible for shaping a new identity of newly-independent India with a slew of advancements in atomic and space programmes. The numerous twists and bends in the plot are meticulously treated and never for once do you feel like languishing in a rat’s maze. Rocket Boys is built on the merits of research and impeccable storytelling and even the scientific and political jargons fit in seamlessly.

Aranyak—A Gripping Concoction of Sorts

The scintillating thriller is deeply immersed in the world of murder, deception, deceit and drugs which makes pause and introspect on human nature. Albeit Aranyak operates on tried and tested machineries of visual storytelling, it does manage to knit a narrative which is in-depth and compelling.

Scam 1992 – The King of Stock Market Tragedies

The mindboggling storytelling of financial irregularities in banks and high-profile institutions in the second quarter of 1992 leading up to the RBI inspection sheds light on Hrashad Mehta and has been critically well-acclaimed and binge-watched by Indian viewers. The plot cooks a delish full-course with the ingredients of the bear and the bull scenario constantly vying to control the stock market. The show continues to bask in its raging popularity.

Criminal Justice – a Serpentine Tale of Justice and Redemption

The superbly-engaging legal drama dealing with sensitive social issues—criminal justice, drug abuse, children’s mental health and juvenile crimes, flows at a measured pace but does not fail to prep up an impactful watch. Besides Pankaj Tripathi’s brilliance, the show’s mettle lies in its deft handling of emotional triggers and social challenges without sounding preachy.