Five Indigenous Timeless Artwork for Home Décor

Wilful reclusion in Indian history with handcrafted artefacts 

Deck the indoor spaces with timeless yet forgotten art that encapsulates history and culture.

AranmulaKannadi Mirrors: The mirror-making craft is said to have originated in AranmulaParthasarathy Temple in Tamil Nadu where centuries ago, eight artisans were brought to handcraft the mirrors. The metal mirrors are a testimony to Kerala’s cultural and metallurgical history. Generations of craftspeople belonging to the Vishwakarma community have secretly guided the exact compositions with which the mirrors are wrought. The traditional craft is traced back to 500 years back when these mirrors would be embedded in the royal crown.

Channapatna Toys: Tabletops, wardrobes, doors, bookshelves and niches in the wall are incomplete without the Channapatna toys that originated during the reign of Tipu Sultan. Channapatna in Karnataka has several small-scale industries to manufacture wooden toys in versatile shapes and hand-painted in bright colours. The pretty, quaint things had so fascinated former US President Michael Obama that even White House hosts a beautiful line-up of Channapatna. Since you will get the toys in versatile designs, the range of artwork can instantly light up even the blandest corners of the room.

Dhokra Art: A trademark of DhokraDamar tribes of West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa, the community is known as metalsmiths. Dhokra employs the earliest method of casting non-ferrous metal to create brassware products. One of the famous faces of Dhokra art is the dancing girl of Mohenjo-daro and over the 4,000 years art connoisseurs have collected many Dhokra artefacts. Dhokra metalworks are glimpses of Indian folk heritage and lifestyle. In Dhokra metal craft, you will get Banjara bags, lamp sheds, canisters, miniature bullock carts and band of musicians to set the décor.

Hand-knit Carpets: In Sarguja district of Chattistgarh, handcrafted carpets are stitched in natural yarn without any tint of plastic or synthetics. The cotton and woollen rugs are knotted dense—a sophisticated and exotic beauty unique to the artisans of Sarguja. You will find Tibetan elements in the design and motifs on the carpet which further elevate the beauty of these carpets—a signature piece, in your home.

Palm Leaf Etchings: Palm leaf decorations on the walls are treasures pieces with elaborate illustrations from manuscripts or Indian mythology. You will find snippets from Ramayana and Mahabharata engraved on these paintings. The artwork dates back to the beginning of written communication in India—3,000 years ago, and represents the ethnic history of Puri and Cuttack.

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