Five Interesting Christmas Rituals Around the World

Quirky Christmas traditions that keep alive the spree and anticipation around the year


Time-honoured Christmas traditions from across the world.


Whooshing to Church on Roller Skates


 Roller skating to church in Venezuela involves entire families partaking together as close-knit groups and rollerblading on streets that are officially fenced off for safety. Vehicles are held back till 8 am. Historically, the skates are an alternative to sledges and poise as an interesting contrast to the solemnity of Mass rituals. Skating usually goes on all night when people gather in parks to sing carols long before families gear up for Mass at 5 or 6 in the morning.


KFCing for Christmas Feast


KFC has managed to stay as a Christmas tradition in Japan, and a barrel filled with KFC delicacies is treated as a cherished and sumptuous meal in every family. The tradition has its roots in the 1970s when Takeshi Okawara introduced KFC fried chickens as a lip-smacking alternative to a traditional feast for the ritual. As a marketing campaign ‘KurisumasuniwaKentakkii’ or Kentucky for Christmas amassed traction fuelled by the collective interest in the US. Japan was quick to pick up the Western food and soon party buckets were rolled in! 


Nonetheless, the campaign has kicked off a storm irrespective of its limited flavours and still retains a stronghold by the veracity of its familiar tastes—nostalgic for families who have been resorting to the buckets for decades now.


Decking Christmas Trees with Spiderweb


The eight-legged creature spin Christmas ornaments hailed as a lucky symbol since antiquity. Shops are filled with commercial spiderweb created with dazzle and glimmer in sync with the Christmas spirit. In the country, it is wholeheartedly believed that the motifs fetch good fortune and good miracles. Artificial spiderwebs in silver and gold hang from Christmas trees in all power and magnificence glory!


Annual Christmas Sauna Hullaballoo 

The quintessential Finnish tradition of Sauna on Christmas traces back to thousands of years where the holy concept of Sauna was equivalent to ritualistic cleansing. On Christmas Eve, Sauna has hallowed importance for the Finns. The practice prepares the living to visit and pay respect to the deceased and sauna elves. 

Families flock to Sauna around the afternoon to attain a spiritual purification with corporeal cleanliness. 


Pickle Hunt on Christmas Eve


The legend of pickle haunting among Midwestern Americans of Germanic lineage is believed to bring blessing and abundance of good fortunes in the coming year. The little ones who find the pickle tucked away secretly in tree branches are bestowed with generosity and prosperity!

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