Five Interesting Facts About Koalas That You Should Know

Explore some fun facts about these amazing animals from Australia

Koalas are one of the most famous creatures exclusively found in Australia. Their small round faces, furry body and teddy bear-like shape fill up our hearts with love. Any of us visiting Australia comes back with koala souvenirs and keepsakes because of the popularity of this mushy mammal.

We bring you some curious facts about these aww-inducing animals.

  1. Even though they are popularly known as koala bears, they aren't bears at all. They come in the category of marsupials, making them closer to the family of wombats or kangaroos. Koalas are born without vision and hearing ability, so they climb inside the belly pouch of their mother for the first six months of their birth. Then, they take piggyback rides on their moms while eating and sleeping inside the comfort of belly pouches for another six months until they are fully developed to function on their own. Also, baby Koala is known as Joey!
  2. These cute little mammals are known to be voracious but picky eaters. Their favourite food is eucalyptus tree leaves since their primary habitat is known to be in and around eucalyptus tree forest. An average Koala could quickly devour around one kilogram of the tree's leaves.
  3. Although Eucalyptus leaves are known to be poisonous, Koalas have absolutely no problems in consuming them in large quantities. It is due to the presence of a unique digestive organ called a cecum in their bodies that the tough properties of the leaves are easily looked after naturally by their bodies.
  4. Koalas are fond of sleeping, and they enjoy their siesta time which could go up to 18 hours a day. They are often found dozing on the tree branches all cuddled up and relaxing. It looks like they are quite comfortable being lazy!
  5. They derive their name from an indigenous word which means 'no drink'. Koalas are considered to live without water because their water requirements are fulfilled via their solid leaf diet. However, it has been established now that they do drink water from various sources during scorching summers or when the water content in eucalyptus leaves dries out.
However, Australia is alarmed at the declining rate of Koalas, which has become a worldwide concern. Due to deforestations and natural forest fires, 80% of the natural Koala habitat has been destroyed since the last decade. Various wildlife organizations are doing the conservation and rehabilitation of koalas.

Let us spread the awareness about this beautiful creature and contribute towards the restoration of these bundles of cuteness.