Published By: Satavisha

Five Interesting Features Of Everyday Items That Have a Hidden Purpose

There are numerous items that we use every day without knowing the correct way of using them, and we have been doing it wrong all our lives.

The everyday items which we use regularly have become an inherent part of our routine, and as a result, we stopped questioning their in-built features and purposes a long time ago. Oftentimes, we fail to fully understand the uses of some items and their features. So, let us explore some common items, and the hidden purpose of their features to unbolt their full potential.

Pom-poms on woollen caps and beanies

The fluffy pom-poms on woollen caps and beanies might look cute and for style purposes only, but they were initially designed to serve an actual function. Earlier, French sailors wore hats with fluffy pom-poms to avoid the chances of hurting their heads on the low ceilings of ships during turbulent windy days.

The half-belt on jackets and coats

The half-belt on jackets and coats are not just for show. In recent years, garment manufacturers add half-belts to coats mostly as a styling accessory. However, half-belts were originally added on oversized coats and military jackets that also served as blankets, to clutch the extra material, enabling soldiers to walk without stumbling.

Extra holes in sneakers

You might have noticed that sneakers come with extra holes, but did you know what purpose they serve? Well, it is a useful feature for those who are prone to blisters. These extra holes enable the wearer to tie their sneakers much tighter. The tighter lace lock will prevent chaffing and protect your feet from blisters.

Rivet buttons

Those tiny buttons on denim jeans may look useless, but they have a hidden purpose. These small buttons are called rivets, and these silent heroes make your jeans last longer. They are strategically placed in areas that have the highest possibility of tearing, owing to staring caused by movement. Rivets hold the fabric in place.

The wavy design of bobby pins 

When you look at a bobby pin, you will notice it has a wavy side. Oftentimes, people assume that the curves are for style purposes only. But the little curvy waves are added to hold the pin in its place by enabling it to grasp the underlying bulk of locks. In simple words, the wavy side should always be down.

Now that you know these features have more to do with function than style, we hope you utilize them the correct way.