Five Korean beauty products that took the world by storm

Beauty industry’s latest fad is Korean beauty products. From skincare to makeup, Korean beauty trends have revolutionized our beauty regimes forever.

The world nowadays is smitten with South Korea. May it be K-POP or K-Dramas, South Korea is making its presence felt in the world. The beauty industry too is no exception to this. South Korean beauty products have taken the world by storm so much so that popular western magazine ‘Marie Claire’ has called South Korea, the new skincare superpower! Face mists, sheet masks, cushion compact, BB cream, CC cream are some of the beauty trends from Korea that even a fashion rookie would know. The best part of some of these products is their cute packaging and affordability. Here are some of the Korean beauty products that took the world by storm.

  1. BB cream: BB cream is one of the beauty products for which we can thank Korea. Korean beauty regime mostly stresses on ‘no makeup’ look, so Blemish Balm or popularly known as BB creams give minimal coverage from blemishes, moistures the skin and also has sun protection which makes it all-in-one product.
  2. Sheet Mask: Sheet Mask is probably the most loved Korean beauty product for people of all ages. An Ultimate way to pamper your skin, these sheet masks are enriched with moisturizers and extracts that give quick hydration to your skin in a short span of time. Extremely pocket friendly, these Sheet masks are go-to products for your skincare regime.
  1. Cushion Compact: You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Cushion Compact. Cushion Compacts are cushion soaked in the foundation or a BB cream inside a compact to give a flawless finish to your skin. Korean beauty standards have always been about glowy and dewy finish skin, and cushion compact helps to achieve exactly that.
  2. Lip tints: As Korean beauty standard is all about doing a no-makeup look, Lip tints or lip strains helps to achieve precisely that. It gives lips that flushed, and colour strained look. If you are looking for a respite from Kylie Jenner style of lip makeup, then lip tints are perfect for you.
  3. Face mists: If you think that apex of skincare is moisturizing your face once in a day and once again while going to bed, well the chances are that most Korean skincare experts won’t agree with you. For most Korean women, more than moisturizing, skin needs hydration. That’s where face mists come in handy. Easy to carry and use, these skin mists not just hydrate the skin but also tone it, set your make up, act as a serum and even cool the skin down to prevent breakouts.

The main philosophy behind Korean beauty standard, which makes it so different from western beauty standard, is about showing off glowing and healthy skin instead of concealing it. With so many great products, Korean beauty products are the Holy Grail for beauty lover across the world. So, which one is your favourite?

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