Five Lesser-Known Web Series to Binge Watch

There are days when we feel too lazy to get out of the house to meet friends, party or watch movies. Given the situation around the world, the odds of leaving our homes have reduced drastically. The days are now mostly spent lounging in our pyjamas and sitting on the couch watching TV.

If you find yourself in the above situation and are looking for recommendations for some web series, we have got you covered. Here are some of them which you might want to consider watching.


This web series promises a great cast and an equally brilliant storyline, about Indian take on time travel. The performances by Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur and Piyush Mishra have raised the bar high of this unique show with their acting prowess. The story revolves around the investigation of a lost plane which after thirty-five years of its disappearance, found crashed.

Modern Love

An anthology of stories based on the column of New York Times of the same name, this series on Amazon shall warm up your heart with emotions as the idea of love travels through various stories in diverse forms. With an impressive cast including Anne Hathaway, Catherine Keener, Tina Fey, and John Slattery, Modern Love will stay with you for a while.

The Americans

A gem of a series which has a separate fan base of its own, this intense spy-thriller stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as undercover KGB agents living undercover as a married American couple in the USA.  Spanning over six seasons, The Americans gets more gripping with each passing episode and season. The series is genuinely worthy of binge-watching.


Deemed as one of the most mind-boggling sci-fi series on the web, this series makes you question everything that you see around you. This German series is set in the town of Winden in Germany, which revolves around four families and connect their past, present and future. If you have heard it from your friends and haven’t seen it yet, you are about to be treated to an unforgettable experience which spans over three seasons.

So next time, consider spending your weekend snuggled on your couch with a cheese pizza to fill up your appetite and try teaming it up with one of these web series to sort your plans.

You are welcome!

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