Five Most Loved MCU Villains Of All Time

From being super charismatic to having a sad and sympathetic backstory, here are some Marvel Cinematic Universe villains that have won over audiences all across the globe.

MCU may have won the hearts of fans through the bravery and heroism of their protagonists, but those courageous deeds would not have been possible without the villains. Some of the antagonists of MCU have been poorly and superficially developed to the detriment of the films they featured in. However, other antagonists have been so remarkable that they gained more popularity than the heroes. It speaks volumes about the performance of the actors and also the depth and complexity of their characters. Below are the five most loved villains fleshed out by MCU.

Erik Killmonger: Villain with Understandable Motive

A lot of you can argue that Killmonger is yet another supervillain from Black Panther who possesses the same powers as the superhero but evil. But fans grew more sympathetic towards Erik Killmonger because he was a victim of the actions of T’Chaka. Even though his means were cruel and violent, his intentions were good, and he worked for the betterment of his people.

Loki: Died as a Hero

Loki started as the big bad of MCU, featuring as the antagonist in The Avengers and Thor. Despite some of his horrible actions, fans are sympathetic towards Loki for having grown up in the shadow of Thor and then finding out he was adopted. Loki, the God of Mischief, remains one of the most compelling and realistic characters, and his death in Infinity War was heart-breaking.

The Winter Soldier: Victim of Hydra programming

The Winter Soldier cannot be considered a true villain, as his diabolic actions are born out of his Hydra programming. But there’s no denying the fact that he is one of the most dreaded foes Captain America has to face.

Hela: Used as a Weapon

With the death of Odin, Hela, his eldest child, is released from imprisonment, and she is determined to take over Asgard. Hela’s resentment for her homeland is justifiable as she was used as a weapon by her father and was later discarded when she became too dangerous. This astonishing revelation behind the golden facade of Asgard compelled the audience to empathize with Hela.

The Vulture: Protector of Spiderman’s Identity

Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, sets out to become a criminal after getting fired from his job. The chilling and menacing portrayal of the Vulture was universally loved by the viewers, especially for the scene in which he figures out that Spider-Man is Peter Parker but does not reveal his true identity as a way of showing his gratitude to the latter for saving his life.

So, which supervillain has won your heart?


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