Five Most Popular And Beautiful Cat Breeds From Thailand

If you are a cat lover visiting Thailand, you are in luck. Even though numerous cat breeds were developed in more industrialized cities, their ancestors often come from Asian countries.

Thai culture has traditionally entrenched respect for all-things-feline. In Buddhism it is believed that cats are holy creatures, claiming that the soul embodied in a cat is in its final state before attaining nirvana. Let us have a look at some of the most beautiful cat breeds from Thailand.


Suphalak cats are also known as Burmese cats or Thong Daeng. This rare cat breed is naturally occurring in Thailand. Legend has it that when the king of Burma read about the Suphalak cat after the close of the Burmese-Siamese War, he ordered his men to bring all of the cats matching the description to Burma, a fabled tale used facetiously to explain the rarity of the cat.


The Konja cat is compared to the mythological Thai lion, owing to the breed’s elegant walk similar to that of a lion. The original Konja had black eyes, teeth tongue, and claws, though experts are of the opinion that this description could have been due to a medical condition or parasite. The original Konja also had a white stripe extending from under the chin and along the belly, while today, it is typically entirely black.


KhaoManee literally translates to “white gem” and is popularly known as the diamond-eyed cat from Thailand with ancestry dating back centuries. This rare breed is seen as a symbol of good luck and it was strongly believed in the 19th century that any household possessing the cat would have a “long life and title”.


This Thai silver-coated cat with prominently pointed ears and bright green eyes is considered to be a symbol of fertility, abundant harvest, and luck. For these reasons, this cat was never purchased but only presented as a gift in pairs — especially to newlyweds, for whom it served as a symbol of a fortunate and long marriage. Today the breed is prized for its heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight, and also for its bossy demeanor.

Siamese or Wichien Maat

Siamese cats are described as pale cats with dark facial masks, feet, ears, and tails. This cat was originally bred in Buddhist temples with some sources claiming it was worshipped, though this history of cat worship in Thailand is contested today. Famous for their dog-like affection, Siamese cats were once exclusively cared for by Thai royalty.

It is also essential to note that the Thai cat shows a more traditional feline look rather than the elongated head of the Oriental cat breeds.

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