Five Most Powerful Eternals Who Could Defeat Thanos

If the Eternals had taken matters into their hands to fight Thanos, here are some of the most powerful of them who would stand a chance.

Thanos is the most notorious villain in the Marvel Universe. Over the years he has battled almost every major Marvel superhero at least once and made a name by trying to destroy as many lives as possible. Thanos is extremely intelligent, superlatively powerful, and a master tactician. He has also fought and triumphed against some of the mighty cosmic beings in the universe, living up to his claim of inevitability.

Then, the best-armed combat

Then, the cousin of Thanos and the daughter of Zuras, owns the title of Prime Eternal for being the most superior and skilled armed combat among the Eternals. She could use her power to manifest the Eternal Armor and any cosmic energy weapons, combined with her superhuman powers to outsmart Thanos in the battle.

Zuras’ power of Uni-Mind

Zuras is the oldest and Prime Eternal who has been around for the longest time. He is best known for his wisdom and power. Even though Thanos was able to kill Zuras, that does not mean the latter could not have defeated the Mad Titan if it came down to it. In fact, if Zuras had a clue about the attack by Thanos, he could have formed a Uni-Mind, combining the knowledge and power of three or more Eternals to defeat him.

Ajak’s attack in an endless battle

Combined with the ability of every Eternals to manipulate energy blasts and cosmic energy, Ajak could defeat the Mad Titan in a battle of endurance and durability. All Ajak has to do is wear out Thanos of his energy and then give the final blow.

Sersi’s ability to manipulate matter

Sersi left the Eternal city (Olympia) and joined the Avengers. She has a specific power that sets her apart from the other Eternals. Her incredible psionic skills and her power to manipulate matter could give her a win over the supervillain. Theoretically, Sersi could scramble the molecules of Thanos to transform his organs into rocks and kill him.

Kronos could induce an infinite dose of cosmic energy

Thanos’ grandfather, Kronos lived as the embodiment of time. Indirectly, Kronos had already defeated the villain by creating Eon in the Earth-9997 version of the comics. But when talking about direct confrontation, Kronos could attack Thanos with lethal and infinite doses of cosmic energy to defeat him.

Technically, Thanos is also an Eternal, but some of the other more powerful Eternals could defeat the Mad Titan in direct combat.


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