Five Most Powerful Telepaths Of Marvel Comics

With these powerful telepaths around, no one’s privacy is safe in the Marvel Universe.

The users of telepathy can easily tap into the human brain and read their thoughts, innermost desires, memories and even communicate with them through telepathic abilities. These supernatural abilities usually develop owing to mutation at the time of birth or because of superhuman powers in certain cases. Marvel Comics has a plethora of telepathic individuals who employ their extraordinary powers to achieve certain objectives in the Marvel universe. Keep scrolling to check out the list of the most powerful telepaths of Marvel Comics.


The primary psychic ability of Mantis is less about reading minds and more about being an empath — she can feel others’ emotions as if they were her own. She has some incredible degree of precognitive foresight, enabling her to live with knowledge about future events. Mantis is known for bringing the fiercest Titan Thanos under her control, and she is skilled at employing her powers to calm the nerves of the most aggressive beings and can even send them to slumber.


Namor is a superhero and also an anti-hero, depending on the conflict he chooses for himself while deciding what ideologies to follow. Namor can communicate telepathically with all sea creatures, his fellow Atlanteans, and can also command whales, sharks, giant squid, piranhas, and other sea creatures that you would not want gunning against you.

Charles Xavier

Charles Xavier is the first omega-level telepath introduced by Marvel Comics. He demonstrates the possession of psychic abilities that is almost inconceivable. Using his genius intellect, Charles created the Cerebro to enhance his abilities to find out mutants with the X-gene and communicate with them telepathically to guide them to the university, and in some cases, it also enhances psionic energies in mutants who already have them.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey possesses powers that can surpass even those of Charles Xavier using the Cerebro. She can also summon the cosmic force of the Dark Phoenix. Jean employed this cosmic strand of power on multiple occasions to escape death and came back post-resurrection or through various other means related to the force of phoenix.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme who took this role from the Ancient One and is recognized as the first line of defence on earth against any kind of mystical threats. Doctor Strange is skilled at performing mystic arts and is also an adept martial artist.

So, who is your favourite telepath in the Marvel Universe?


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