Five Movies of Tom Cruise to Binge-watch

Tom Cruise, arguably the biggest movie star on earth has given us some awesome movies to watch out. Even after almost 40 years in the industry, Tom Cruise is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Here is the list of five movies of Tom Cruise to Binge-watch

Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun was released in the year 1986 and it was the movie that made Tom Cruise a superstar. 

Tom Cruise played the character of Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, is probably one of his most iconic characters. Directed by Tony Scott, Top Gun was an aerial movie and Tom Cruise leads a group of closely-knit naval aviators aboard the USS Enterprise. Also, the movie made aviator sunglasses a style statement and Cruise a style icon.

Minority Report (2002) 

It was the second collaboration of Tom Cruise with director Steven Spielberg, where he played the role of Chief John Anderton, the head of the Pre-Crime police division in 2054.

Set in the year 1954, Minority Report is a sci-fi movie with a very interesting premise. The authorities can determine a crime beforehand help of a technology called “recogs,” and arrest the “criminal” before he commits the crime. Things get complicated when Tom Cruise was accused of one such crime and now he has to race against time to prove his innocence. Minority Report is based on a Philip K. Dick short story that Tom Cruise showed Steven Spielberg when they were shooting for a movie.

A Few Good Man (1992)

In this courtroom drama, Tom Cruise collaborated with another great actor Jack Nicholson, the movie follows the story of a naval lawyer investigating a crime.   

Starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore and directed by Rob Reiner, A Few Good Men is a highly acclaimed movie. Tom Cruise plays a Navy lawyer who investigates a politically explosive murder case along with Demi Moore. A very well-made movie with some great performances by the trio of Cruise, Moore, and Nicholson. It also had a superb supporting cast which includes Kevin Pollak, Kiefer Sutherland, and Kevin Bacon. For his performance, Cruise earned his third Golden Globe nomination.

Mission Impossible Series

Talking about movies of Tom Cruise and not mentioning Mission Impossible series is a crime. One of the most successful movie franchises ever, Mission Impossible franchise made Tom Cruise a global superstar. 

Tom Cruise starred as Ethan Hunt, a secret service agent the first Mission Impossible movie was released in the year 1996. At present, there are six installments of the franchise and two more installments are confirmed and are planned to release in summer 2022 and 2023. The movie series is a continuity of a T.V series of the same name.

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Many consider Jerry Maguire as one of the best movies of Tom Cruise. Co-starring Renee Zellweger this movie is a romantic drama and it earned Cruise his second Golden Globe award for the best actor.

Jerry Maguire is a romantic comedy-drama sports film written, produced, and directed by Cameron Crowe. Tom Cruise plays the character of a sports agent in the movie which is still famous for its superb emotional roller-coaster, charming comedy, and surprisingly deep meditation on intimacy, connectivity, and love. The famous catchline, ‘Show me the money’ is from this movie.

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