Five Must-Visit Cities In The World For Cat Lovers

If you want to celebrate and embrace the adorableness of felines, you better make plans to visit these cat-loving cities of the world.

Some cities around the world show remarkable feline appreciation. From building popular cat cafes to cat shelters – there are some cities that are ensuring their cats can live a long and good life. For cat lovers from across the globe, knowing the most cat-friendly cities around the world can be useful in helping you decide on your next destination for a vacation.

Moscow, Russia

Russia’s capital city Moscow is very fond of cats, and it has been so for centuries. The royal family of Russia were proud cat parents and pampered their feline babies well. The Russian Blue cat is Russia’s domestic breed, and it originated in the country itself. Moscow is now home to countless loving cat owners.

Istanbul, Turkey

The people of Turkey are very reverent and kind toward their feline population. Every cat in Turkey is treated exceptionally well. While you may find stray cats in numerous countries looking mangy and unhealthy, the ones you spot on the streets of Istanbul are mostly well-fed and groomed. The locals take good care of all the stray cats in Istanbul.

Tokyo, Japan

The whole of Japan is full of cat-loving people. But particularly, you will be swamped with cat imagery, cat paraphernalia, and real adorable cats in Tokyo. From shops selling Hello Kitty paraphernalia to beckoning cats (Maneki-Neko) and numerous popular cat cafes where feline lovers can spend hours cuddling with kitties. Tokyo is hands down the best city in Japan for cat lovers.

Houtong Cat Village, Taiwan

Island nations are usually infested with cats, and they bring out the best in them, and it is quite evident in the Houtong Cat Village of Taiwan – located near Taipei. What began as a kind of safe haven for abandoned cats almost a decade ago has now developed into a cat town. While you are in Houtong Cat Village, you can even notice signs on the streets warning drivers to be careful to ensure the safety of the cats.

Rome, Italy

The stray cats of Rome are very well-fed. While some people might leave a small piece of meat or fish from their meal to feed stray cats that come meowing, asking for food at their doorstep, Italians are known for leaving at least a partial portion of their meals on the street to feed the stray cats.

If you want to visit a destination that will put your kitty first, consider keeping these cities on your list.

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