Five Otherworldly Places Which Look Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie

These destinations are surely going to give you some out-of-the-world feels, right here on our good old planet. 

Even if you are not a science fiction movie nerd, there are chances that you are mesmerized with the inter-galactic travels to some other planets. The depiction of those strange worlds has caught your fancy. The places look strange, otherworldly and possess the ability to fan your imagination into belief. While you cannot be transported to the distant planets in a swanky spaceship, you could be an airplane ride away from places which look similar to the surreal imagery we expect to find in galaxies far, far away.

We recommend five locations in our world which are famous for their unearthly experience.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

If you are smitten with the ‘red planet’ or have thoroughly enjoyed watching ‘The Martian’, you should surely book a trip to Wadi Rum in Jordan. Also, known as the valley of the moon, Wadi Rum is a UNESCO world heritage site. The desert is known for its massive rocks formed by sandstone and rippled shape sand dunes. The magic begins at night when the clear sky and moonbeams lit up the whole valley turning it into a fairyland.

Trivia: Movies like ‘The Martian’, and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ have been shot extensively in this location.

Glowworm Caves, Waitomo, New Zealand

When you travel to the glowworm caves, the little glowing insects inside the caves lighten up your inner joyfulness by replicating the effect of celestial nightfall. However, the science behind the glimmering phenomena is not that appealing. It is the larvae of numerous luminous worms that glow through the caves and looks like an alternate milky way.

Dragon Blood Trees, Socotra, Yemen

The region is famous for its peculiar dragon blood trees which resemble an umbrella. One-third of its total flora species are nowhere found in the world. Socotra is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Lake Hillier, Australia

The unique lake is famous for its bubblegum pink colour, attracting a lot of tourists around the world. Pink is undoubtedly a peculiar colour for lake water, at least on the earth. Therefore, the location looks otherworldly. The lake is home to sea animals including fishes and is very safe to swim as well. However, the mystery of pink waters of the lake remains unsolved to this day.

 Tianzi Mountains, China

If you were fascinated by the landscape of Pandora in Avatar, you must visit the Tianzi Mountains in China, which served as an inspiration for the setting of the movie. As a result of the rock erosion, these ranges erupts straight from the ground to form peaks out of rocks.

We promise that your visit to these places will be worth the money, time and effort. And what’s more, it going to be a memory for a lifetime.

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