Five places to travel to if you love rain

Get your umbrellas ready if you love rainy

If you are a travel bug and love puddles, raincoats and umbrellas, you will love the places we have in this list of destinations. There are many places across the globe which has the rainiest of seasons and heavy rain is just another normal workday not a seasonal thing. These places and the mechanisms in which people cope with such climate are quite different from the other tourist spots. So if you love rain hold your umbrella low and get ready to enjoy the pick your next destination.

Cropp River in New Zealand

Tourists, who love rain and often go for international tours for their vacation, know this place by heart. This area in New Zealand gets more than just a fair share of rain. The river is not very long and stretches for only 9 kilometers. But that doesn’t stop it from the heaviest monsoons witnessed in New Zealand. Back in 1995 it received a record high rainfall and on average received 453 inches of rain annually. It is a very serene place, quite secluded and nice for a trip of solitude.

Tutunendo in Colombia

Yes, Shakira’s homeland has plenty of surprises for tourists and Tutunendo is one of them, if you do not mind getting out with an umbrella. It’s a tropical region with two rainy seasons. Houses with waterproof sheets are a common sight here as this place gets drenched almost every day. It receives around 463 inches of rain annually and is yet a favourite pick for most tourists who love umbrellas and raincoats. This place is a perfect pick if you want to share an umbrella with your love and go on walk in a less crowded space.

Mount Waialeale in Hawaii

Yes Hawaii is not just the place with volcanoes but an amazing example that made it to the list with 384 inches of annual rain. Although it is an inactive volcano, there are risks involved in visiting the mountain, but the surrounding area is flooded with tourists who know the serene rainy seclusion this region provides.

Cherrapunji in India

This area records around 463 inches of rain annually and is filled with waterfalls, hills and little resorts for tourists to enjoy the cloudy weather. This place is mostly visited for the multiple picturesque streams and waterfalls.

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