Published By: Shriparna

Five pre-wedding skincare mistakes every bride should avoid

Here are some beauty mistakes every bride-to-be should stay aware of before wedding

Wedding calls for lots of arrangements, planning and emotional turmoil and pre-wedding skincare is no joke, as every woman wants to look their best on their BIG-day. However, too much of skin care can be counter-productive as well. Experimenting with new products for immediate results weeks before the wedding day can more harmful than useful for the bride-to-be.

From facials to waxing, clean-ups, there are a list of skincare that needs to be done to achieve the bridal glow. But sudden mistakes can ruin your skin and spending sleepless rights over acne and rashes is the last thing brides would want. Here are some beauty mistakes every bride-to-be should stay aware of before wedding

Taking chemical skincare treatments for that everlasting extra glow

Of course, your parlour lady will influence you to try new facial treatments, chemical peeling, but experimenting from some invasive treatment few weeks before wedding is not advisable. You never know how your skin will react to it and even when it won’t show adverse results immediately, it can deteriorate after days.

Trying new skincare product without consulting a dermatologist

Doing anything new without the advice of a dermatologist is not rational not just pre-wedding but before any important occasion.  You might be tempted to try a high-end product for improved results, but you need to know no product can give you results in a short-span of time. Do not experiment with your skin before wedding

Waiting last minute to book you a makeup artist

Don’t take important decision at the last moment. From fitting your wedding lehenga to deciding on your makeup artist. Keep atleast a window of six months, so if that person cancels you can book another. Research about their work, take to clients and do a demo makeup to make changes beforehand.

Facials, cleanups or face messages a day or few hours before wedding

Try to make you facial appointment atleast 3 to 4 days before the wedding s your face would end up looking oily and dull. Treatments often cause the skin to look worse before it looks better. Doing facial beforehand will let the skin adapt to the treatment and allow and residual blotchiness to fade and be replaced with a gorgeous look-at-me glow.Always use a moisturizes and a sunscreen so that the skin remains healthy and glowing.

Don’t pop that zit even when it feels pricky

Popping zit will leave a big scar on your face making the skin swollen. Rub ice on the inflammation repeatedly.