Five properties of millets that help in losing weight

People in recent times have become more conscious regarding their health due to various health hazards like cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. A drastic shift in the modern food culture popularised the consumption of products that are gluten-free, and millets are gradually making their place as a staple food. Millets contain several health-promoting and nutritional properties and largely contribute to losing weight. Now let us have a look at five properties of millets that can help in your weight loss program.

Dietary fibre

The presence of dietary fibre in millets is beneficial in preventing constipation and mitigates the chances of developing an irritable syndrome of bowel disorder. The dietary fibres of millets help to surge the food’s transit time and act as an agent that binds toxins to ensure detoxification. Barnyard millet is an ideal option to prevent the urge of overeating due to its fibrous content and it forbids the entry of excess calories into the system.

Enriched with Policosanols

Several researchers have opined that the consumption of Policosanols is effective in accelerating the process of weight loss. Jowar (Sorghum) is rich in Policosanol and is beneficial in managing obesity by facilitating improved digestion and faster metabolism.

Easily digestible  

Kodo millet is the best choice for effectively losing weight due to its easily digestible properties. Issues associated with obesity can be kept at bay by adding Kodo millet to your regular diet chart. Intake of Pearl millet is significant for undertaking an effectual weight loss program and is enriched with all the necessary nutrients like B vitamins, potassium and minerals. You can immediately eradicate constipation issues by consuming millets in adequate proportion to aid easy digestion.


Millets can perfectly fit into your gluten-free diet chart that can help improve digestive issues. Nutrient malabsorption is a critical health hazard and consumption of millets can adequately treat gluten intolerance, and its contribution to weight loss is just another bonus.


Alpha-amino acids like tryptophan enable the process of biosynthesis, catering to weight loss. Foxtail millet constitutes tryptophan, which takes time to get digested and can induce a hunger-free feeling for a long period, thereby preventing the excessive and unnecessary intake of food. Tryptophan functions as a suppressant of appetite by maximising the levels of serotonin enabling the process of weight loss.

Millets are essential to attain a healthy body and digestive system with faster rates of metabolism, and you can add them to your regular meals to see the results.

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