Five Reasons to Stop Seeking Validation from Others

Have you ever wondered if our tendency to seek approval from people vanishes? What good could it do for us?Read on to know about it in this story

We all work hard to get a slight nod from the boss, post a picture on social media and wonder if it gets favourable comments from others.The jitters and uncertainty before making any decision of your life depend upon the people around you. Human beings thrive on validation. Our worth depends on our ability to impress others. If others do not approve of our actions, it begins to affect us, causing us to contemplate and feeling anxious about our decisions.

Of course, validation is a sure shot way to measure success, but the trouble starts when this desire begins to impact our physical and mental health. It starts to affect all the crucial actions and decisions of our lives negatively, and we cannot move out of the vicious circle of unending expectations.

Some reasons to stop this behaviour are as follows

Seeking approval from others often kills the sense of intuition in a person because their decisions are entirely disconnected from their thinking. They end up becoming people’s pleaser at the end without being in sync with their inner self. It is, therefore, better to let some decisions be taken by listening to one’s heart.

At times, the approval-seeking tendency of a person comes in the way of being honest with others. It makes them pay insincere compliments to them despite knowing that they don’t mean it. As a result, people lose their credibility in the eyes of others.

The need for validation often makes a person chicken out of a situation only because he/she is afraid to call a spade a spade. It becomes challenging for them to say no to others which holds them back from living their life by their choice. That could quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

Are you one of those who constantly apologise for anything and everything, even when there is no need for it? There is no need to feel bad if you disagree with someone on some point. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to ask for forgiveness from them even if they have not asked for it.  You can never please everyone around you; there shall be disapprovals too. But it is better to be true to yourself.

The most crucial step in curbing the need to agree with others is to develop self-esteem.  You should feel in charge of your actions. If your confidence is dwindling in the company of a particular set of people, you should stop frequenting in their circles and start focusing on your life and priorities.

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