Five reasons why Dubai is the ultimate holiday destination

Dubai, one of the Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, is the most cosmopolitan, diverse and lively city in the world. It has emerged as the leading holiday destination for people of all ages. Scroll down to know what makes tourists pack their bags and head here.

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing and dynamic cities in the world. The amount of development that has happened here is unprecedented. The city also boasts of being a tourist-friendly city. Visitors from around the globe want to have a taste of Emirati hospitality. Being home to many man-made architectural marvels, Dubai has people visiting to glimpse Burj Khalifa. But Dubai is much more than that; let’s have a look at things that make Dubai an ultimate holiday destination.

  1. Experience the ultimate mix of the old and the new world

Dubai offers a diverse mix of the old and the new world. Whereas one hand we have iconic structures like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeriah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Frame, on the other hand, we have traditional souqs like Gold Souq, Spice Souq. Dubai is a fine example of how tradition and modern living can go hand in hand.

  1. Shopping

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. With beautiful Souqs and magnificent malls, you can empty your wallet here in a matter of hours. Dubai also hosts the world-famous Dubai Shopping Festival in the month of January. It is renowned for unbelievable discounts and deals and great bargains. So, come to this beautiful place and shop till you drop!

  1. Food

Dubai is home to one of the largest expat population in the world. Being home to so many nationalities has a significant influence on its food culture. You can choose from a wide variety of global cuisine which brings the sense of delight. You can gorge on English breakfast, Moroccan cuisine, Indian food, Middle Eastern Shawarma, Japanese Ramen which would satisfy not only your taste buds but your soul too.

  1. Adventure sports

Dubai has an array of adventure sports for you to choose. Do you want to jump off a helicopter and Ski Dive or do you like Skiing in snow, Dubai has it all. If you are interested in marine life, then go to Dubai’s underwater Zoo and Aquarium situated in Dubai Mall. Zip lining and scuba diving are some of the things you can enjoy in Dubai.

  1. Experiencing Bedouin life in the desert

Experiencing desert is one of the most memorable and novel experience for any tourist. Desert Safari does give you a glimpse of the Bedouin lifestyle with a hint of adventure. You can do dune bashing, drive a quad bike, dune driving for that rush of adrenaline.

Dubai is the ultimate travel destination which one should not miss. Experiencing Dubai is sure to give you beautiful memories for a lifetime. So, take that flight and experience it all!


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