Five Reasons Why Women Needs More Sleep Than Men

Yes, it’s official. Studies have proven that women need more sleep than men. Do you want to know the reason? Read on.

Scientists have proved in recent research that women require at least 20 more minutes of sleep compared to men. This study validates that women who get up late aren’t lazy, but they need more time to recharge themselves for the next day. Sleep deprivation leads to irritation and anger issues.  Women tend to suffer health issues if their sleeping cycle is deficient. Even twenty minutes of sleep insufficiency could give rise to severe ailments like heart diseases, hypertension, etc.

To elaborate the story further, let us understand the importance of sleep in women’s lives in detail.

Women tend to have a more hectic schedule in comparison to their male counterparts. Women having a full time or part-time job also have to manage the house, take care of kids, cook, clean and run errands. In India, homemakers are expected to multitask as well. They take care of the whole family, the elders, and children, do all the household chores from early morning till late night.As a result, it takes a toll on their physical and mental health. It’s not surprising that women are often tired and like to sleep more than others.

A female body goes through various hormonal issues quite frequently. Consequently, they become more susceptible to depression and anxiety. A good sleep soothes the brain activity of the body and replenishes the mind. Therefore, doctors advise sound sleep to women to heal their mental tensions.

Do you know that an irregular sleep cycle causes weight gain? The body shuts itself from the other functions and helps the stomach digest the food while sleeping. Also, insomnia is directly linked with unhealthy weight gain as the body releases cortisol that gives way to hunger pangs and obesity. So, ladies, it’s not wise to overlook sleep.

Also, diseases like hypertension could be a direct offshoot of sleep deficiency. Women who tend to be poor sleepers can have a higher level of C-reactive protein than men. It could lead to heart ailments or hypertension.

It is also essential to understand that women are differently wired from men. They are intuitive, elaborate and analytical in their approach. Women are programmed to multitask, and it becomes tough for them to shut themselves entirely while sleeping. Therefore they have a hard time falling asleep too.

Thus everybody must ensure that the women around them are well rested with a quality sleep cycle. As a result, they shall be healthy, happy and more productive than ever.

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