Five Reasons Why You Should Never Yell At Your Kids

Yelling is a reflex sometimes. But as a parent, you should know, verbal discipline paves the way for a slippery slope, and it can leave a lasting negative influence on your little one.

Children are innocent and adorable little things. They can instantly delight you, but at times, they strike the wrong cords, compelling you to yell your lungs out at them. Parents often use fear as an effective tool to keep their children under control. Yelling or screaming at your child can sometimes be a spontaneous reaction, especially when you have had enough and are totally overwhelmed. Losing your temper can cause you to yell at your little bundle of joy, but it is never a good idea. Yelling can have negative consequences on the mental health of your child, and here are more reasons why you should never use it as a tool to correct their behavior.

They will resort to hiding and lying

If you scream at your child every time they confess to making a mistake, hoping they will not repeat it, you are wrong and are only encouraging them to lie and hide their faults in the future. It is normal for kids to be a rebel and make mistakes. Instead of screaming, help them identify their mistakes by calmly discussing why they should not repeat them.

You will soon lose authority

Think of the last time you shouted at your kid. Did you feel like a strong authoritative parent after yelling at them? Or did you feel like you are slowly losing control over them? Parents often scream when they lose control of their emotions. Yelling is an example of poor parenting because it may lead to inconsistency, making you appear weaker to your children.

Children become ignorant

Would you like to be around someone who always criticizes you? You will feel annoyed, right? Children feel the same way when you keep screaming at them. Your child will eventually get immune to the yelling and will only pretend to listen to you while they ignore what you are saying. The communication becomes one-sided, and you will fail to deliver your message to them.

Hampers their self-esteem

Constant screaming at your little one can adversely impact their self-esteem. It might cause them to doubt their abilities, resulting in the development of an inferiority complex. Every child feels guilt and shame when yelled at in front of others. They might not recover from that embarrassment, and in turn, it can hamper their self-esteem.

Children might develop aggressive behavior

Parents are their child’s first teachers. Your kids learn a lot from you, especially during their initial years, by observing and imitating you. Your behavior toward them is going to reflect on them while they are interacting with others. Hence, screaming at your little one will only teach them to be aggressive when they are annoyed or upset.

Yelling at your child is futile, and it loses its impact in the long run. Focus more on positive and gentle parenting for raising good kids.