Five reasons why you should reduce your child’s screen time

In the world that is ruled by technology, your children getting affected by it comes as no surprise. But, you must learn to reduce your child’s screen time. Read on to know why?

A decade ago, the only screen, kids would be exposed to were television. With the advancements in technology, we find screens, screens everywhere in the form of laptops, Tablets, smartphone etc. Even though they are good if used in moderation, but kids nowadays can’t seem to stop. Parents, here are few of the reason why you should monitor your child’s screen time.

  1. It distracts their mind thus, reducing the concentration

Gadgets, such as smartphone, tablets can distract the young mind, forcing them to multitask, which is hard for them. To say it simply if your child is watching a smartphone while eating or doing homework, they are not able to focus on the task in hand.

  1. Hampers Creativity

Many activities are considered vital for kid’s all-round growth and development. Activities like colouring, pretend play, puzzles, crafts, reading takes a backseat as kids are glued to screens. It can lead to the hampering of their creative streak.

  1. Risk of Obesity

It may seem strange, but yes, child obesity is one of the health vices that children are exposed to because of screens. Children who spend a lot of time with smartphones and even television tend to be less active, which can result in obesity. Moreover, they wish to consume all the junk food and colas which are being advertised, encouraging unhealthy food choices.

4.Lack of social skills

The love for screens in young ones can lead to a serious delay in the development of social skills. Children commonly learn those by playing and interacting with peers and adults. But, sadly, nowadays you find toddlers in their strollers watching the cartoon on smartphone ignoring what is going around them. This lack of social skills can make them anti-social and awkward adults.

  1. Sleeping disorder

According to experts, exposure to screen time can lead to sleeping disorder in children. These devices have such an effect on their tender mind that brain goes to hyperactive mode even when they put these gadgets down, making them unable to sleep. This sleeping disorder can lead to laziness, lack of concentration and mood swings.

Even though it is quite hard to make kids go off the screens, but parents can start with maintaining strict schedules regarding screen time. However, it is crucial to be a good role model for your kids and encourage family time.

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