Five Reasons Your Diet is Failing

Even after diligently sticking to a diet schedule, why the final result disappoints?

Resorting to Crash Diet

Quick fixes like crash diet in the hopes of experiencing radical changes explain why diet does not yield anything positive. In fact, the body ends up dehydrated after depleting stored-up carbohydrates. In the long run, such a diet plan leads to nutritional deficiency—anaemia and osteoporosis and Yo-Yo Effect besides affecting emotional wellbeing. People on a crash diet feel immense mood swings and other negative emotions before they finally ditch altogether the idea of a disciplined diet plan.

Unreliable Support Structure

Misconceptions and myths regarding diet and weight loss coupled with stress and anxiety often derail one’s willpower to exert discipline. This is where a nutritionist might come in handy to reinstate a diet plan which does not interfere with wellbeing and functionality. Having an instructor or groomer for the beginners who are starting on this journey of weight loss and physical fitness would be relevant as well.

Relying on a Low-Fat Diet 

A low-fat diet never has been instrumental in bringing about constructive physical changes for this strategy is detrimental to cognitive function, cardiovascular health and hormonal balance often resulting in binge-eating and weight gain. Unless high-quality and nutritious foods are accommodated in the plan with an adequate amount of fat intake, any positive outcome with a low-fat diet is a rarity. It is perfectly possible to follow a low-fat and yet consume an unhealthy amount of calories. For people with pre-existing heart conditions, the art of balancing nutrition becomes challenging.

Getting Rid of Dairy Items

For people who have solemnly pledged to follow a strict diet, dairy products might be an abomination but ditching dairy products is counterproductive. Dairy products indeed help in shedding fat and is a crucial ingredient in the calorie-burning plan. Yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheese spread and low-fat milk are essential in the diet. Dairy products have a plethora of health benefits including muscle recovery and furnishing to the body protein and essential nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin B, fibre and phosphorous.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Rushing through the weight loss process does more harm for the body becomes vulnerable to illness, deficits and damage. Without a realistic and well-formulated weight loss goal, the

focus and motivation to strive for better physical fitness are lost. Setting goals means being cognizant of what works for the person. It helps in keeping a tab on progress and setbacks.