Published By: Satavisha

Five Signs That Indicate You Are Born Charismatic

Most people possess minuscule character traits, but when nurtured, those attributes could be the game changers in our career and life

Charisma is a quality that draws people toward you, influencing them to follow you. While some individuals are born charismatic, you may also develop this skill later in life by acquiring distinct personality traits that charismatic people have. Check out five signs that indicate you are born charismatic.

You have a powerful belief and share it with others 

Charismatic individuals believe in things very strongly, and often fail to stay silent about it. They tend to share their beliefs with other people. Their conviction, passion, and positive energy are contagious and instantly spread to others. If you firmly believe in something, and your actions are consistent, that zeal will activate powerful emotions in people around you and motivate them to join the cause.

Your spark is genuine 

Charismatic individuals exude enthusiasm and joy for life. The people around get naturally drawn to them because charismatic individuals can make you feel delighted and warm. They have an authentic upbeat personality, and one cannot help but love spending time with them.

A brilliant storyteller 

Charismatic people are incredible at storytelling. From their mannerisms and voice to inflection, everything sounds pleasant. Their use of witty humor, symbolism, and metaphor keeps everyone entertained while they speak. If you are someone who is a good narrator and can express intrigue and drama in a captivating manner, then you have something special in you. Your innate talent enables you to attract people and deeply connect with them.

People are comfortable around you

Charismatic people are excellent at winning others’ trust. They effectively do it by making people feel comfortable in their company. They also follow some scientifically-backed tactics that include: being mindful of what they say, having a controlled body language, managing their feelings and emotions, and strictly maintaining boundaries.

You often smile at people

A smile is an immensely powerful form of body language that is science-driven. Smiling more around people will not only make them more comfortable, but also get them to trust you, and it initiates a positive change—even if you are forcing a smile. If you naturally smile a lot, you will most likely be successful at tackling all the rough patches in life.

Charisma lies within everyone. You only have to acknowledge and nurture it.