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Five Simple Gestures of Love that are equivalent to saying “I Love You”

Your “I love you” will sound rhetorical to your lover if it is not adequately justified through actions.

Every romantic relationship demands the need to show ample gestures of love and affection. But for many reasons, a lot of individuals fail to vocally express their fondness to their partner. However, one must not fret too much about it because have you not heard people say “actions speak louder than words”? And yes, it stands true for romantic relationships too. Instead of telling your partner “I love you” you can show them the following gestures to make them feel wanted and loved.

Extend your helping hand to your partner

When you are in love, you show eagerness to help your partner in everything. If your partner needs help with something, lend them a helping hand. For instance, your girlfriend is too busy to take the car for a wash, you can make time from work and do it on her behalf. Or, if your boyfriend needs help with cooking, you can assist them by chopping the veggies and reading out the instructions from the cookbook. Such small gestures require little effort but are very meaningful.

Engage in random acts of affection and kindness

Kindness and love go hand in hand. You can leave a small love note for your sweetheart before heading for work, and believe us; it can create a massive difference. Or you can occasionally purchase their favourite flowers and some chocolates while heading home from work.

Remember small details

Remembering small details and important dates can show how fond you are of them. Try to remember your anniversary date, your partner’s birthday, when they have that doctor’s appointment, or their favourite dessert when they are having a rough day.

Be loving even during arguments.

If you and your better half can indulge in disagreements in a healthy manner and look out for one another’s feelings — even when furious — that is the greatest act of love. As a good lover, you should step back and distance yourself when your partner is irritable, upset, mad, or annoyed. Do not snap at them or be mean; instead, spend some time away and try to resolve the issue when you both are feeling better.

​Send them cute and random messages.

Sending them cute emojis, funny GIFs, or random appreciation texts like “You looked beautiful last night,” or “Hey love, how is your day going?” is an adorable way of showing how much you love your partner and that you are thinking of them even on a busy day at work.

Gestures of love do not always have to be grand and pompous. What do you say?


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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