Published By: Satavisha

Five Souvenirs You Should Bring Home From Goa

Shop your heart out in Goa and get some souvenirs for your loved ones!

When in Goa, nobody really wishes to leave the charming coastal state. Can we all agree? But there is one thing you can do, bring home a bag full of tangible memories in the form of souvenirs. Are you wondering what you should take? There are plenty of unique things you can purchase. But we are here to narrow down the list for you!

Azulejo Tiles

Azulejo is a type of tin-glazed ceramic tilework with Portuguese paintings on it. Hence, it is no surprise that this artwork holds a unique distinction and significance in Goa. As a tourist, if you wish to carry home an authentic piece of Goa, then Azulejo tiles can never be the wrong choice. Few other Goan souvenirs can parallel the craftsmanship and beauty of Azulejos.

Coconut Decor

Goa is a “coconut-y” place, and you can find them in abundance. The local communities have improved their artistic skills for making decor and handicraft items using coconut. These handmade items make incredible gifts and souvenirs.

Dodol or Bebinca

If you are fond of sweet dishes, you cannot possibly return home without a bag full of bebinca or dodol. This popular Goan dessert is prepared using coconut milk, flour, and sugar and is baked layer by layer. Bebinca has a brief shelf life, so purchase it just a few hours before starting your journey home. Owing to its popularity and delicious taste, you can find this yummy dessert at almost every supermarket store and local confectionery.

Kunbi saree

Traditional Kunbi sarees feature large checks and are cotton-based. They are commonly found in red color, and they make the perfect choice for souvenirs. Wendell Rodricks, the late fashion designer, is credited for reviving Kunbi sarees, typically worn by Goa’s tribal women. You can shop this traditional saree from the local stores.

Fridge magnets

If you love to travel and collect souvenirs that can be displayed in your fridge, look no further than magnets. From auto-rickshaws to Goa beaches and cute scooties, fridge magnets are classic souvenirs starting from just Rs 50.

Get home some of these Goan souvenirs to keep your fun memories of this picturesque place fresh and alive for many years to come!