Five Strange Yet Beautiful House Plants That You Can Grow

Do you wish to move beyond ordinary ivy and basic begonias for your bedroom and living room? Fret not! The world of houseplants is much grander than the selection at your local home improvement store would lead you to believe.

You can probably recognize a cactus without a second glance. Even snake plants are becoming more and more common. But what about trachyandra or donkey tails? If you already have a home filled with plant babies that all look the same, you might want to make one of these varieties your next addition. These fascinating plants are so cool, you’ll want one of each for your indoor garden—whether you’re seeking a striking succulent or something bolder, bigger, and full of color. Some of these are even low-maintenance plants, you can keep them in the darker corners of your house or office. Let us have a look at some unconventional yet beautiful house plants that you can grow indoors.


The trachyandra is an exotic perennial plant with fleshy leaves that you would love to own. The spiral leaves of the plants are attractive, compelling you to fall in love with them instantly. Its origin can be traced to a genus of plants similar to Albuca. This tentacled plant resembling spaghetti will certainly elevate the beauty of your living room.

Living Stones

Okay, they’re not literally stones, but lithops and are also called pebble plants. These strange-looking flowering plants mimic rocks, hence the name. The key to growing these at home? Don’t overwater them, that is all you need to do for this low-maintenance plant.

Dolphin Succulents

People are going crazy for this adorable plant and for all the good reasons. True to its name, the tiny leaves on this sprawling succulent largely resemble swimming dolphins and it’s almost too good to be true. If you want your own, the technical name for this variety is Senecioperegrinus.

Cement Leaf Plant

Cement leaf plants are alternatively known as jewel leaf, limestone rock plant, and carpet leaf. This succulent oddity requires high light conditions and rocky soil like that of its native South Africa. If you’re lucky, your Cement leaf plant may even produce a yellow bloom among its warty leaves during the winter season.

Hoya Hearts

Also known as the sweetheart plant, Hoya kerrii is without a doubt the most romantic succulent out there. This heart-shaped succulent plant is a popular gift for Valentine’s Day and caring for this low-maintenance plant is very simple, like most succulents. Hoya hearts are often sold as clippings of single leaves, but you can also find it as a full plant with vines covered in little heart leaves.

With the aforementioned plants, your collection of houseplants will never be the same again.

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