Five superb ways to use coffee in daily chores instead of just drinking as a beverage

Stepping aside from food, there are multiple other ways to make coffee your very own go to kitchen staple.

The hair-raising caffeine fix and a mouth-watering flavour and alarming aroma of roasted coffee beans is all that every coffee person needs first thing in the morning.  But if you are a true fan of coffee you can use it in multiple ways and not just as pour over or filter or whipped coffee. It is a classic flavouring agent for hot chocolate, coffee, cake  and what not but stepping aside from food, there are multiple other ways to make coffee your very own go to kitchen staple.

Here are some of the alternative uses of coffee other than merely being your morning must-have drink.

Coffee as air freshener

If you love the aroma of coffee so much why not make it your air freshener. Also coffee grounds absorb bad odour. Store it in a breathable fabric bundled inside your show cabinet or refrigerator.

Coffee as natural insect repellent

It might sharpen your senses but the aroma of coffee is not quite welcoming for bugs, ants , mosquitoes around. So sprinkle ground coffee in areas of your house that you want to keep bug free , around cracks in wall, closets when you are out of a bug spray.

Coffee for green compost for your trees

Make coffee a key ingredient for your compost. Coffee grounds grow microbes that worms enjoy. You can add a coffee paste on the top soil and it will be nutritious for your plants as they contain calcium, magnesium and nitrogen. Plus you get rid of the annoying smell of other kinds of compost.

Coffee to exfoliate like a boss

Mix ground coffee with some olive oil or butter and use it as a natural home-made exfoliator on your body spa days. Leave for about 15 minutes. It will bring out all the dead cells, leaving your face supple and glowing.

You can also use it with henna, you natural colouring agent to impart that that dark brown hue to your hair. Infact, finely grounded coffee can be used as your natural bronzer on days you run out of it.

Coffee to polish your furniture

Instead of throwing coffee grounds away, let them cool, and using a cloth, rub over the surface of your favourite piece of wood furniture. Not only will this make your furniture shiny, but you’ll also appreciate the refreshing smell of coffee in your house.

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