Five Tactics That Can Prevent You From Falling In The Comparison Trap

Are you hampering your progress by comparing your life achievements to someone else?

It is okay to desire better things and opportunities than you have now. However, if you catch yourself wanting a bigger house, a better job, or a better car than one of your friends or colleagues, or a family member, then most likely you are caught up in the comparison trap. It is also described as a feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness that one feels when their possessions and achievements do not match up to what other people around them have. Below are five tactics that can prevent you from falling into the comparison trap.

It's time to alter your social media feed

Social media is a platform where people love to flaunt the best things in their lives but barely post about the realities of struggle, hard work, and mundane everyday life. If you feel you are getting sucked into all the posts of lavish meals and extravagant vacations and pondering why you cannot enjoy a life like that, then it is time to tweak your social media feed preference. It is time to unfriend or unfollow those who do not make you feel good. Do not follow someone only because you know them in person. If their posts upset you or make you sad, or if it is generally negative, get rid of them!

Accept your journey

Accepting what you have and who you are can help keep the comparison trap at bay. In simple words, you have to own and be proud of your journey. Give up focusing on the lives of other people and stop being upset over where you are not. Focus more on your journey and be grateful for how far you have come and what goals you have accomplished.

Identify your limitations

When you compare yourself to others, you end up focusing more on your deficiencies and limitations - everything you feel you are not good at. Instead of spending your precious time hoping you were better, it is best if you try to identify your limitations, but do not permit them to restrain you from setting your own goals.

Embrace everything that makes you unique

When you are constantly comparing yourself with others, it leaves little to no room for embracing the things that make you different from everyone — your talents, abilities, differences, successes, contributions, and more.

Focus more on the things you can control

The controllable aspects in life are those things that you can alter. Most of the things that we compare ourselves with are out of our control, but we can eliminate our need to compare our life and accomplishments with others and control where we wish to focus our energies.

The comparison trap often comes disguised as failure, but the truth is, it is not even close to failure.