Five Times ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Future Tech

Strangely, a cartoon was able to foresee the tech of today, many ages ago

The Simpsons is a remarkable cartoon show that has been running on television since 1989. The sitcom became so prominent that it is still running in 2020 with its 32nd season. Quite hard to understand that a cartoon show is one of the longest-running television shows on earth. But again, the production has consistently been able to woo the audiences with epic comedy timings, loveable characters and future forecasts.

Yes, future predictions! From Donald Trump running for the Presidential office to the FIFA scam; The Simpsons predicted these developments many seasons ago. How? Don’t ask us because nobody knows. Anyway, the program also anticipated several technologies we are practicing in 2020. Hence, let’s have a look at ‘The Simpson’ top five future tech predictions.


It’s been merely a few years since smartwatches have made their way into the lives of humans. However, The Simpsons knew about them in 1995. How? No idea! In the episode, Lisa’s Wedding, Lisa’s fiancé was spotted making a phone call from a gadget that was tied on his wrist which had an uncanny resemblance to today’s smartwatches.


In the 1994-episode Lisa on Ice, the bully by the name Dolph is seen to be taking a note on his Apple Newton device. He drafts the phrase: Beat up, Martin. However, the gear automatically changes to phrase to Eat up, Martha. The scenario hints at the autocorrect feature that we have received only a few years ago.


In the 1992-episode of Separate Vacations, the character Bart seems to take a picture in selfie method or through a selfie. An expression or trend which first surfaced in 2002.

GoPro or Action Camera

While GoPro or Action Camera are the finest cameras for adventure shooting now, it was not even a concept in 1994. However, the 1994-episode of Homer and Apu displayed a hat that was strapped with a hidden portable camera inside it and was utilized to conduct a sting operation.

3D-Printed Cake

Last but not least, the 2005-episode Future-Drama displayed the use of a camera that printed out a picture, identical to a Polaroid camera. However, the picture suddenly changes into an actual cake. A technology that we now interpret as 3D-printing.

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