Five Tips That Can Help Maintain The Spark In Your Relationship

Contradicting schedules, growing resentment, and long distances are some of the most common reasons many lovers lose their chemistry or spark. But let’s face it, even in the strongest relationships, romance eventually dwindles, if partners do not constantly work on it.

Watching the “chemistry” or “spark” slowly fade away in a long-term relationship is unavoidable. Most of us crave and are fond of the gesture of falling in love, but we don’t do enough to keep the love alive – beyond the honeymoon phase, when life gets mundane. Have you ever watched any rom-com that begins after the wedding scene and depicts the boring routine of everyday ordinary life? Well, even if you have, that must be a really boring rom-com. But life is not a movie, and you can maintain the spark in your relationship by following the tips below.

Limit screen time

During your teenage years, you were asked to put away your phone during dinner time — you heard it from your mom, and now you don’t want to hear it from your significant other. But as nonchalant as it may seem to scroll down your Instagram feed, try considering how precious every minute feels when you are together. Keep your phones away when having a conversation, a meal, or during your Friday night movie marathon session. Live in the moment with your partner, and stay off your Playstation.

Cook with your partner

In every relationship, one partner is the “chef” while the other does the dishes, or maybe both of you prepare dinner, taking turns. But try cooking together this weekend. It will not only be a fun duo activity but will also create a romantic opportunity to work together as a team. Preparing something very basic can also help reignite the spark and make you feel more connected.

Effectively communicate your needs

When a difficult situation arises, it is essential to make time to be able to discuss your feelings – the kind of conversation where you and your partner will have a say and promise to constructively talk and work through all the problems, as a couple and also as individuals.

It is vital to place every relevant feeling and fact on the table, to create a firm foundation for communication. Communicating your desires is crucial and helps maintain a healthy relationship.

Plan romantic date nights

Step out of your Netflix-and-chill routine and consider trying something new this weekend. Plan a candlelit dinner in your living room, or set up a tent in your backyard and have a romantic camp night around a bonfire. You don’t always have to visit an expensive restaurant or a fancy movie theater to enjoy a spark-igniting romantic date night.

Laughing together should be a top priority

Laughter is the best way of keeping the chemistry alive. If you and your partner are aiming to be endgame, try to take nothing too seriously — instead, try seeking humor in every moment and also disagreements.

Consider following these tips to help revive the fading spark in your relationship.


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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