Five Trending Marketing Ideas

Trends to revolutionise your marketing strategies 

How the marketing hotshots are planning?

Leveraging Marketing through Conversations

With conversational marketing, business establishments are now interacting with users through chatbots and voice assistants. This user-centric and dialogue-driven approach has paved for better customer engagement and high revenue owing to user-friendliness and accessibility.

Somewhat traditional, but the practice has amassed huge lead generation, created personalised solutions and led to positive experiences. In conversational marketing, certainly, the trick is to personalise and optimise to distinguish marketing from how rivals and competitors are performing it.

Influencer Marketing to Tweak the Game 

Macro-influencers are storming marketing much in the propensity of celebrity endorsement when brands splurged on campaigns. Influencers are engaging via social media platforms and yielding profits with the same magnanimity of traditional high-profile celebrity campaigns. What is spiking the success rate of influencer campaigns is fandom and niches.

Business ventures are more about investing albeit within a budget for a shared and happy community by being responsive and inventive with strategising campaigns and tracking results. Nonetheless, running an influencer campaign is about being perpetually in motion instead of implanting a set-it-and-go strategy.

Sustained Digital Transformation in Marketing

To meet the digital-driven trends organisations are transforming their marketing game by throwing digital channels into the mix to let technology leverage and optimise user experience by generating greater ROI and conversion at lower expenses.

Technology has forayed into all the major aspects of marketing including channels and the customer experience in a way that zooms in on the weak areas by providing a holistic picture of the entire marketing scenario. In a nutshell, digital marketing has provided ample scope for improvement.

Live Streaming for Targeting the Niches

Live streaming of shopping on social media apps is all about targeting leads and converting those into sales. The strategy although has gained tremendous popularity is yet to be teeming with brands and organisations and therefore has acres of resources unexploited.

With streaming, brands are better equipped to reach across different niches without splurging both time and money. With the use of well-configured software programs, fresh content, creative designing and a tech support team, live streaming is lapping up some crazy deals.

Social Media Stories for Leads 

Churning stories based on genuine content across platforms has connected brands with audiences on a personal level. Since in the realm of storytelling brands have the space to experiment, explore, highlight and integrate creative resources, it automatically allows for relevant posting, increased traffic and brand awareness and the opportunity to target younger demographic.

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