Five Trends in Skin Treatment to Watch Out For

Triggered by pandemic, skincare regimen has witnessed a paradigm shift, and for the better

 A world that previously functioned on quick fixes and promises of miracles has witnessed some radical transformations. On our radar are the five newest skincare treatments redefining and reinventing the industry.

Online Dermatology

Healthcare has already shifted to the virtual platform and it was about time dermatology too jumped into the bandwagon albeit it is taking baby steps. The implications of COVID on dermatology was too disastrous and ever since clients prefer this new interface which assured a safe process of exchanging information and sharing data with personalised skincare suggested by dermatologist delivered safely at doorstep.


As “subtle” has already forayed into skincare lexicon, the practice of holistic treatments and use of natural products are on the rise to sustain minimalism—the new buzzword in skincare industry. This approach certainly eases the burden of miraculous treatments and elaborate skincare routine. People are not shying away from truncating daily skincare routine amidst raging controversies about the disastrous impacts the cosmetic industry is leaving on climate change. Undoubtedly the era is about indulging in subtleties and minimalist tweaks to boost self-confidence and accentuate natural beauty.

Boost in Homemade Skincare 

The lockdown has definitely spurred the enthusiasm to experiment with fresh ingredients to pamper the skin. This deep-seated complacence and trust in readily available raw ingredients to whip up skincare potion is here to linger. People have grown comfortable to the way their skin feels and looks natural without the ordeal of going through repeated dabs and swabs.

Popularity of Non-Invasive Treatments 

No-touch treatments will dominate in the years to come, and most of these treatment procedures are targeted towards skin healing to reduce sagging and strengthen elasticity; photofacial executed with AFT technology which works on visibly enlarged pores; platelet rich plasma to facilitate tissue repair; and hyaluronic acid fillers to restore the suppleness and hydration of youth.

 Reliance on Homegrown Brands

India’s cosmetics market has witnessed a steady boom and is forecasted to grow in the coming decades, and the data vouches for customers’ sentiments for The Vocal for Local. With the rise of macro-influencer and digital marketing strategies, Indian brands are no longer eclipsed by foreign clusters. Another major appeal behind domestic products is the tagline “natural and organic” which has made helped beauty products break barriers and reach out to various demographics. The legacy of natural or “herbal” products is cemented by the general paranoia towards the damaging impacts of chemicals on skin.

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