Published By: Satavisha

Five Unhealthy Traits You Should Never Normalize In Relationships

Relationships may not be easy, but they should not feel exhausting as well.

You don't not have to leave your partner as a different person who is beyond recognition by yourself. There are several changes that anyone can identify in a relationship, but it should not hamper one’s individuality. Many times, our actions are influenced by the doings of other people, but we often forget that no two relationships are identical. Check out five unhealthy traits you should never normalize in relationships.

Nagging, fighting, and arguing at all times

Fighting and arguing suggest you both love and care, and it offers a growth opportunity to your relationship. Arguments help explore each other better, learn about triggers, and also enable partners to seek solutions to problems together. However, when it comes to disagreements, there are some red flags you should never overlook. Arguing over the same things repeatedly is not okay. Calling names and insulting each other is also unacceptable. Emotional abuse like gaslighting, manipulation, and stonewalling should not be normalized.


Jealousy in relationships is often viewed as a positive trait. Let’s face it, most of the time jealousy is associated with insecurity. But most couples overlook signs of jealousy because people are now normalizing it. Relating jealousy with romance or as a positive trait is associated with controlling behaviors and is considered unhealthy. In a healthy relationship, there should not be any room for jealousy.


Ever had a lover who asked for your bank account details, passwords, and other personal information? The bigger issue of snooping is that the outcome is never good. There are only two possibilities: You get hurt after finding out what you were looking for, or you get nothing but still fail to trust your lover because you are not trying to deal with the root cause of all your suspicions.

Desire to do everything together.

Spending all your time with your partner can make things dull. It is natural to get overwhelmed and annoyed when there are no changes in the routine. In fact, one can grow if only they get enough space and alone time to explore oneself – and this cannot happen when a relationship becomes suffocating and your partner expects to do everything together.

Insisting each other to share everything.

There is a common belief that not sharing everything about yourself with your partner implies they do not value or trust you enough. Not telling everything to your better half does not mean you are betraying them. Information that is harmless or deeply personal should not have to be conveyed to your partner always, especially if you are not comfortable sharing it with them.

Every relationship is created differently, but there are certain red flags you should look out for.