Five Unmissable David Fincher Movies For The Thrill Lovers

David Fincher is the master of blending art with dark and has created some of this century’s most critically acclaimed films.

Fincher is the prickly prince of darkness and a meticulous perfectionist. The prolific director has directed everything, from advertisements to music videos and has been nominated for numerous awards. Here we list five of his most unmissable films that can quench your thirst for the thrill.

Gone Girl

The morally ambiguous protagonist of the story,  Nick Dunne’s life turns upside down when his wife goes missing. His innocence is doubted, forcing him into the limelight of the news media circus. Gone Girl is a suspense thriller that portrays love gone wrong and is the epitome of Fincher’s ability to combine satire with seriousness, entertainment, and humour.

Fight Club

When a depressed insomniac man meets an attractive and compelling salesperson, their unlikely partnership results in the formation of an underground club where men tired of mundane lives can fight it out. This film is not an easy watch, and it provokes a shaking reaction from the audience with its emotional and visual depth.


Through Seven, Fincher’s second film, he firmly established the sleek, dark, and moody cinematic style that would later define him and ended up creating one of the most spectacular modern film noirs. This timeless and gripping movie is still popular today and is often acknowledged as the movie that truly set off the cinematic career of Fincher.

The Social Network

This movie follows the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard computer genius, and his conceptualization of a social networking site, which is known as Facebook today. In addition, the film offers insight into the legal and personal complications of lawsuits arising from Zuckerberg’s invention and focuses on the toll it takes on his personal life.


A mix of four investigators, including journalists and detectives, search for a serial killer that terrorizes the locals of San Francisco and taunts the police with his letters. The case soon becomes an obsession for the four investigators, as their successes and failures of their careers get pivoted around the endless search for clues. This fantastic plot-line is gripping for the audience, and it tracks down the real-life case of a notorious serial killer of America during the 1960s.

Intelligent and dark in equal measure, David Fincher movies are your perfect companion for the days you want some pulse-pounding thrill.


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