Published By: Ipsita Jha

Five Upcoming IoT trends to look for 2021

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly and is here to stay, making an impact on how we connect, communicate and engage with others around the world. Check out these emerging top IoT trends for 2021.

IoT or Internet of Things is described as the network of physical objects known as ‘Things’ that are connected through sensors, software, and other technologies to exchange data with other devices.

IoT is present everywhere today, revolutionising our lives with intelligent technologies and devices that enable ease in communication, improved connectivity and enhanced data security.

Scroll down to check some of the futuristic IoT solutions that will emerge in 2021.

1) Blockchain Technology

Data security for IoT-enabled devices is one of the major concerns for users. Blockchain technology emerges as the most reliable solution to ensure data protection through encryption techniques and peer-to-peer communication without intermediaries. Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology is among the top-most IoT trends that address major IoT security and scalability challenges.

2) Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is an IoT solution relevant to both industrial enterprises and individuals. This technology helps the users to assess any potential damage or problem through the numerous sensors that monitor the status of the devices and components by transmitting the data to AI-driven software that can analyse and predict any malfunction before it occurs.

Predictive maintenance is being used for a wide range of IoT applications such as in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, healthcare and other areas.

3) Edge Computing

Adoption of edge computing will become more significant for IoT devices to overcome the drawbacks of cloud computing like low bandwidth and latency issues faced during real-time data processing. Edge computing is a more cost-efficient and accurate data processing method for IoT devices. With edge computing, information gathered by IoT devices is directly processed without being sent to other places. Improved transfer speed and data accuracy provided by edge computing ensure bandwidth savings and better privacy compliance, making it the most important IoT trend in 2021.

4) Evolution of AI and data analytics

Data analytics plays a significant role in efficient business management to make an important decision based on a thorough analysis of the collected data. The advanced AI-driven data analytics solutions, powered by AI algorithms and Big Data technology, can gather a large amount of information, analyse it in real-time and derive useful insights from it.

This powerful integration of AI, Big Data and IoT devices will enable users to make effective and important business decisions with ease based on the insights and information gathered by the data analytics.

5) Digital Twin

Digital twin technology is becoming one of the leading IoT trends that gained popularity after the rise in implementation of blockchain technology. Digital twins are virtual copies of real objects or processes, possessing identical features and the same functioning as their real-life versions.  This technology allows secure transmission of valuable data between virtual and real worlds and help in monitoring the behaviour of objects and predicts the outcome in different situations.

Digital twins can be beneficial in Industrial IoT systems for smart manufacturing of products in future.