Five ways to impress everyone with your communication skills

Developing effective communication skills is a sure shot way to achieve success in almost all aspects of life.

Communication is certainly a skill set that can help you be successful in both personal and professional life. All the great entrepreneurs from Steve Jobs, Bill Gates to Richard Branson were able to lead and motivate their teams because of their excellent communication skill. Development of communication skill helps us to understand a person or a situation in a better way, thus allowing us to avoid conflict and increase work productivity.

Here are 5 ways to impress everyone with your communication skills:

  1. Listen carefully: Even though this seems simple, but listening is the first step in the art of great conversation. If we listen to understand what other person is saying rather than listening to respond, chances are we would have tremendous success in holding a meaningful conversation.
  2. Be clear and concise: Try not to say neither too much nor too little. Form your sentences clearly with few words rather than rambling on and on. Think before speaking to avoid confusion or losing interest in listeners.
  3. Eye contact: Eye contact is also one of the most crucial aspects of communication as it shows you are interested and involved in another person. Always remember, your eyes are what helps to build a connection with the other people, thus making them comfortable with adequate eye contact can lead to a great conversation.
  4. Don’t interrupt: One of the most common mistake one does while communicating is the tendency to interrupt another person, feeling we know what he or she is going to say. That can lead to other person believing that you are trying to dominate hence leading to a failed communication.
  5. Body Language: To have a lasting impression, we should maintain proper posture, which means we should not recline or fold our arms while holding a conversation. Instead, we should face the person directly, slant our body forward them and also nod often to show interest in the conversation. And lastly, a smile is without a doubt the best way to have great and impactful communication.

It needs an effort to be a mindful speaker, and it does not happen overnight. You should give it a lot of time, effort and practice, and most importantly, the will to learn can go a long way in your quest to sharpen your communication skills. After all, there is no limit to how much you can advance. Good luck!

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