Five Ways to Inculcate Reading Habit in Young Children

Reading stimulates the mind and lets your kid expand his imagination. This article states some fantastic ways to help your child inculcate the habit of reading.

Reading is therapeutic. It sparks up our imagination, making us dream with open eyes. It also increases vocabulary, information and sensitivity in the reader. Remember how we as kids read our comic books and guarded our collection? Our friend group would read a host of novels ranging from Sidney Sheldon, Harry Potter to Twilight series, and the teenagers would gush upon the love stories by Barbara Cartland to Mills and Boons before graduating to mature classical stuff.

This magic of reading needs to be rekindled in young kids at an early age so that they can put their mind into productive use rather than wasting it away in video games and mobile phones. Let’s look at some easy tricks to introduce reading habit in young kids.

Have a dedicated reading area in your house

It could probably be a cosy corner with a sitting space, a shelf with some interesting children books which could be a reading area for your child

Encourage him to choose books on his own

This could be done initially till the time he/she is getting settled into the reading habit. Else the child will take it as a forced chore defeating the very purpose of the whole exercise.

Lead the child by Example

If you want your little one to read while you are fiddling with your mobile phone throughout the day, the chances are that your kid is going to lose out interest very soon. But when the child sees the parent reading too, it encourages him/her to give reading a try. So keep the phone aside to read with your child.

Trips to your local bookstore or library

Project the trip as a date with your little partner and expose him/her to the world of books. Soon, the interest will increase and the library dates as well.

Bedtime Reading Routine

When you read stories to your children every night, it adds to their interest in the world of books. You may ask them to read the stories for change. They would love to take charge and repeat it whenever there is a chance. You will only be required to encourage this task, and the ball will automatically get rolling.

Your effort shall go a long way to make him/her feel passionate about books. It is one of the most necessary steps ensuring the success of your child. Trust me, you are introducing him/her to their lifelong companions that they are going to cherish forever.