Five Ways to Inculcate Zen Lifestyle in Modern Times

The age-old wisdom of Zen could be easily developed through some lifestyle changes to be harmonized with the world

“Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.” – Shunryu Suzuki

Not everyone in this world could become a monk or a Zen master for it requires years of dedication and penance. And frankly, many of us don’t have the same amount of commitment because we are required to live and fend for ourselves in the ruthless world. However, we do feel a need to imbibe monk-like tranquility in our lives to be happier and satisfied in our day to day lives.

The idea is to embrace a Zen lifestyle in our lives. Don’t worry; it doesn’t demand you to renounce the world, head out to a secluded monastery. It only requires you to bring little changes in your existing routine, and you shall automatically turn calmer from inside.

For the uninitiated, Zen is a Buddhist technique which focuses mainly on meditation to achieve an intuitive understanding of every little aspect of life, thereby transforming our inner self.

Let’s know about the simple ways to instil some changes in our lives.

  1. We need to be as unostentatious as possible. Our mind needs to accept the things as they are without any complaint and guilt. Our thoughts should be free-flowing and spontaneous without being obstructed by our desires.
  2. The underlying idea about meditation is to develop focus and awareness. Meditation could be performed in various ways; one is being mindful of each moment, and living it with absolute awareness. For instance, while eating, you should only focus on eating, while reading, the concentration should entirely be on reading. These activities shall become akin to meditating.
  3. The importance of compassion and magnanimity cannot be ignored. When we start viewing the world with empathy, everything falls into place, and each little aspect of life becomes interconnected with one supreme life form. Even a smile, or making someone smile is hugely satisfying.
  4. It also helps to set out rituals in anything that you do. You could develop any ritual you like. The idea is to bring a sense of importance to a particular task and carry it out in a certain way to increase the power of intention in each little job of yours. While you cook or sleep or eat or clean, each little work of your day will become extraordinary.
  5. A Zen lifestyle doesn’t emphasize much on multitasking, but in doing one thing at a time. Concentrating on one single task yields better results.

Start practicing some of the above suggestions in your life and you shall begin to experience transformation within yourself.

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