Five Ways to Know if Hospitality is the Right Career

The hospitality industry has opened to the deserving ones a window to experience new physical realities

A few practical points to consider before joining the industry capable of giving wings to your cherished dreams.

Travelling Overseas: Hospitality is thriving worldwide and the competitive employees are relocating to work in the best hotels with lucrative perks and benefits. Therefore, you need to premeditate if settling elsewhere is your cup of tea for the transition is certainly expensive, alienating, jolting and exhausting. Candidates are often required to live alone and toil under lengthy shift hours. If you are career-oriented and looking forward to working abroad and climb the corporate ladder early in your career, you are perfectly cut for the role.

Hectic Schedule: The plethora of career options that hospitality offers—chef, manager, event coordinator, assistant director etc., requires long, tiring shift hours. You will be responsible for a varied range of decisive roles to promote the brand, eradicate flaws and improve services. The sheer spirit to thrive in the brutal competitiveness pervasive in hospitality will require you to work beyond fixed work hours managing a host of jobs such as supervising, managing budgets, overseeing quality, coordinating etc. If you are keen to have a healthy work-life balance, maybe it is time to rethink your career choice.

Fiercely Competitive: Be it regional, domestic or international market, the industry has thrived under malicious competition. Each brand is continuously pushing against predetermined boundaries to outdo its competitors. This labour is shouldered by the industry’s competent, hardworking and visionary employees. Globalisation and fast-paced consumerism are continuously overthrowing the old standards, and being a part of this industry, you will have to continuously learn, unlearn and challenge yourself.

Networking: In any industry, networking allows scope for personal development and deep insights. In hospitality, networking will create learning opportunities, well-paying job options, steady progress and incorporation of relevant skills. Figure out if you are somewhat of an introvert and opposed to socialization since it may be a tad bit difficult for growth.

Bureaucracy: Amidst managing multiple shifts and high expectations from senior authorities, you have to cope with bureaucratic hierarchy before availing the benefits. Bureaucracy strives to structure the different organisational layers that may delay success, fast implementation of decisions, promotions, exposure and visibility. The ideal bureaucratic system and the fervent will of imposing structure, rules, meticulous adherence to regulations, diplomacy and obedience can be both benevolent and damaging to bringing dynamic changes in career. It may take a long while before you create a favourable impression on the seniors.

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