Five Wonderful Christmas Markets of Europe That Every Tourist Should Visit

All over Europe, the holiday season begins with the installation of Christmas markets.

If you love traveling as well as shopping, and want to combine them to enjoy a short shopping vacation in a splendid destination, you should consider visiting some of the most wonderful and appealing Christmas markets in Europe. In these markets, you will come across unique and lovely gift items and can experience a delightful festive atmosphere, along with delectable local delicacies. Check out five European Christmas markets that attract tourists every year.

Helsinki Christmas Market in Helsinki, Finland

This Christmas Market attracts more than 300,000 visitors every year to explore the attractions and chalets adorning the Senate Square of the city. You can explore the conventional market stalls, but it is essential to mention that the market also caters to the needs of the more modern crowd that prefers vegan alternatives by adding numerous vegan options.

The Angels’ Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany

At the Angels’ Christmas Market, you can witness multiple rows lined up with rustic cabins, beautifully decorated to welcome visitors during the festive season. The market stays open, for the people till 9 pm, and if you wish to experience the illuminated splendor of the market, consider visiting after sundown.

Poznan Christmas Market in Poznan, Poland

Poznan is one of the earliest cities in Poland, and for centuries, it has been attracting visitors from around the world during the holiday season. The Old Market Square of Poznan transforms into a bustling delightful festive market with various handcrafted ornaments and local winter delicacies. Merchants sell skillfully crafted decorative ornaments and toys, and you can also find many vendors selling lip-smacking pierogies, warm goulash, and a variety of smoked cheese.

Viennese Dream Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

If you are planning your next Christmas in Vienna, then you must visit the Viennese Dream Christmas market that takes place in front of the City Hall. At this market, you can immerse yourself in the festive punch lingering in the air and the savory aroma of roasted chestnuts. This Christmas market of Vienna has its origin in the Middle Ages when Albrecht I granted permission to organize the first Krippenmarkt.

Basel Weihnachtsmarkt in Basel, Switzerland

During every holiday season, this quaint Swiss town lights up in twinkling lights, adorning two squares — Münsterplatz and Barfüsserplatz — and classic wooden rustic chalets. The market begins every year after a lofty Christmas tree, decorated with Johann Wanner ornaments, is lighted up at the heart of Münsterplatz. Your children will also enjoy decorating gingerbread houses and touring the fairytale forest.

These Christmas markets in Europe offer a unique experience and will surely induce a festive spirit in you.

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