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Fix mobile app glitches in easy steps

Stuck with mobile app glitches and confused what should you do with it? Try these simple tricks and tips !

If you are facing constant mobile app glitches like screen black issues, stuck issues or abrupt app crash issues, then rest assured you are not alone and your phone is definitely not broken ! App glitch issues or malfunctions are pretty common these days which may occur at any time due to several reasons, be it low RAM space, internal storage filling issues or due to any technical faults. These common glitches can be mend out easily with some technical tweaks in a very DIY process without going out to any service centers.

By optimizing low RAM or low storage

Believe it or not, our apps consume more than 75% of our RAM and internal storage space in our phone and that not only leads to device slow down issues but results in severe technical interruptions as well. Now if you use too many social media apps on your phone then it literally increases the chance of eating up most of your RAM and storage space in a technical sense. Try deleting unused apps from your phone and clearing the cache and data of the most used apps just by hovering to the app settings option on your device. Once you have cleared the cache and data from the most used apps, it will automatically boost the RAM and optimize the storage of your device and will minimize the recurring app crash issues. Remember too many apps always carry a chance of slowing down your device.

Through app settings or android system process

If you are facing technical glitches only on a particular application, try uninstalling and reinstalling it at the very first step. If that fails to make a solution, just try the ‘Force Stop’ option by going to the app settings tab on your device and try reopening the app once again, which may eliminate minor glitch issues. As an alternative solution, you may also try checking app permission from the app setting tab on your device and look whether the app has automatically refused requested permission or not. Oftentimes after updating a particular app, some poorly coded applications start malfunctioning if app permissions are not granted manually.

Clear cache partition or performing factory reset

If you notice your all tried and tested attempts of fixing app glitch issues have resulted in vain, clear cache partition or performing factory reset options can be your only savior. To perform a clear cache partition, simply TURN OFF your android device, and try switching it ON again while simultaneously pressing the volume down button to boot into the recovery mode. Once recovery mode appears on the screen, use volume buttons to navigate to the recovery mode menu and select “wipe cache partition” by pressing the power button. Once you have pressed the “wipe cache partition”, the system will automatically clear it and you can reboot your device once the process is done. This whole process of clearing cache partitions will simply repair your apps to some extent. While you can also perform a complete factory reset on your device, which you can process from the settings option on your device. Once you tab on the factory reset option, a complete format process on your device will be initiated. Remember to backup all your essential documents, chats, images and pictures, or move all to the memory storage just in case to avoid a data loss situation!

So these are some of the easy tech tweaks to resolve app glitch issues! Try any of the options today and optimize your smartphone all over again!


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