Fix your pen drives in some easy ways

Planning to throw away your pen drive because it stopped working? Wait a moment, there’s some easy steps which can help you solve it pretty quick and easy!

Device breakdown or Technical interruptions can occur almost at any time and especially at the most crucial time! But with pen drives and SD cards, the issue is a bit tricky and different. Pen drives, although they come in attractive shapes and sizes with hi-speed transmission capabilities and portability features, these tiny powerful devices are prone to flash drive malfunction issues, virus issues, broken flash drive connector issues and several others. Fun fact, whenever people come across such device malfunction issues, the first thing they do is either check with the device scan process or simply throw it away in some dust bins! This article presents some of the best possible ways which can help you fix your pen drives.

Fixing pen drive malfunctioning issues by scanning and repair

Basic pen drive malfunctioning and lagging issues can easily be done with windows scanning and repair feature which is pretty much less complicated and easy to do. Simply plug in your storage device in the system and once it gets detected by the system right on the storage device and clock on properties section. The properties section will show all the general details of your pen drive where you find the error checking option in the tool tab. Click on ‘Check’ which will process the scan and repair option. Once you click on the scan and repair option, windows will automatically detect and repair minor lagging and malfunctioning issues.

Reinstalling drivers

Sometimes, due to some error issues, flash drives stop responding which also creates problems in detecting storage drives and a simple option could be reinstalling the driver. Just click on My PC and go to manage option and select device manager which will show you different disk drives. Just double tap on disk drives and right click on the exact flash drive followed by tabbing ‘uninstall’. Once the exact flash drive is disconnected, restart the system and reconnect the flash drive.

Repairing pen drive error issues with CMD

If you are tired of no storage detection notification on your system using the CMD feature may benefit you. Connect your pen drive to the system and then search for CMD by searching on windows start start programme. Once the CMD prompt window pops up, follow the command steps, Type diskpart and then press enter, type list disk which will show-up all the storage spaces on the system.

Once the storage space for the pen drive pops up on the screen select the disk space (select the storage by identifying your pen drive’s storage space) and press enter. Type “clean” and press enter, type “create partition primary” and press enter, type”active” and press enter and finally Type “select partition” and press enter.

Once the above commands are done, type format fs=fat32 and press enter. This whole command process will clean the storage disk of your pen drive which also helps to fix no storage detection issue.

So these are some of the easiest and DIY processes which could be done in pretty easy and simple steps to fix your pen drives.


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