Flash Mobs: Tips To Organise A Fun And Successful One

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know hoe fun flash mobs can be!

When conceptualised and executed well, flash mobs can be a great way to create a buzz. It can be to express the creative side of your brand or to simply to create content for your social media channels. Whatever is the reason, the main goal is to have fun! Orchestrating a flash mob requires an immense amount of strategising and coordination. If you are planning to organise one, you need to keep the element of surprise in your concept and execution. Here are a few tips on how to organise and plan a fun and successful flash mob!

Be Creative In Your Dance Routine And Keep The Tune Fun

It is exciting to be a part of a flash mob dance whether you are a dancer yourself or just a simple audience. The fun part of the flash mob is the surprise element. The thought that something so unexpectedly fun and lively could happen in seconds as you are going through your daily mundane routine is what excites people the most about flash mobs. Naturally, the biggest and the most significant part of organising a flash mob would be to create the concept and picking out the tune. Use a tune or a song that’s got a buzz to it and that’s so fun that it would make everyone want to dance. Similarly, the element of surprise should be conceptualised well. Be creative in planning how to drop the bomb and in the choreography.

Recruit The Crew In Secret And Rehearse!

The key to organising a successful flash mob is to pick out the crew secretly. Advertising is one way to do it but don’t spread the word around. Recruit people who you trust. Moreover, flash mobs typically have large number of dancers in the crew. Naturally, coordination of the dance moves is of utmost importance. Practice and rehearse a LOT! Keep the steps simple so that everyone can keep up with it.

Communication Is The Key

Communicate well with the group. Create a network and share all of the details, even the tiniest of them with everyone. If you miss even one person, the coordination of the dance moves could go off and that’s not a good look. Make sure everyone on the crew is getting all the information at all times.

Urbee Sarkar

A content writer by the day and hardcore Netflix enthusiast by the night, Urbee believes the world to be a story, a ‘tour de force’ in the making. A blind supporter of coffee, she spends her time with her face buried in books on most days when she is not writing. On the other days, she strums her favourite songs while secretly planning for her next trip into the mountains. Urbee is a lit post-grad who has worked as a feature writer for digital media firms and believes the content industry to be her calling.
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