Folk songs which are recreated well by musicians

No matter how old they get, folk songs always have a place in the heart of the listeners. In fact, the older they get, the more respect they get. There are many folk songs which are recreated recently.

Here are the best recreations of the folk songs by new age musicians.


Coka is a Punjabi folk song which is traditionally sung in the weddings. According to the rituals set in the Punjab, the females of the family get together to sing this song on the occasion of a wedding. This song was well recreated by Sukh E Musical Doctorz and Jaani and became a popular hit in the country. It was combined with modern beats and the lyrics are given a twist according to the modern times. Coka is an evergreen song which is still remembered by the young generation and by remaking it the right way, the makers have enjoyed tremendous success as the song became an instant hit.

Bajre Da Sitta

Bajre Da Sitta is another Punjabi folk song which was recreated by Ikka, Rashmi and their team.  The song too was given a modern twist and it became a rage on Instagram and other social media platforms where people connected with it instantly.

Nayan Ne

Nayan Ne is a melodious gujrati folk song and ghazal. It has been sung and created by many singers all these years. Pankaj Udhas, the ghazal maestro sung it in his style and his version is one of people’s favorite. However, the song got remade recently and it was sung by DarshanRaval with a husky vocal. Darshan added bass to the song and presented it as a melody which came straight out from a romantic comedy. The song was loved by the teenagers and it has millions of views on YouTube.

Leja Re

Leja Re is not a folk song but it is a traditional song based on the ragas and melody. The song was brilliantly composed by Ustad Khan Sahab and was sung to perfection by Shreya Ghoshal. The new version of the song got mixed reviews from the audience and the critics, mainly because of the auto tuned voice of the singer but the composition and modern touch was appreciated.


Rangisari is a traditional song which was recreated in the movie, Jug JugJeeyo. The song was given a seductive feel and was created by keeping in mind the party culture and disco. The track is used as a promotional song for the film and it was made to please the masses which it did. However, the classical beauty of the song was not compromised and the singing just immediately connects with you.

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