Food Culture Of Spain: Enjoy these Spanish dishes

Spanish food culture is special for many reasons.

If you’ve ever been to Spain there are some Spanish food cultures and customs you might already know. It is a bit different from the rest of the other countries. The most essential and sumptuous meal is generally lunch, while dinner is typically lots lighter. Here is a brief description of the Spanish food customs and cultures.

The focus is on human relationships

Because eating is one of the most crucial social rituals in Spain. It’s not only about sharing food among the people, but lifestyles are likewise shared. Eating alone can be a very sad experience for a Spaniard. All of this can best be seen in eating customs. Spaniards are very social.

Sharing is must

Don’t just eat the last bite of your meal. It is very important in Spanish culture. The last bite of a dish is called “the one of shame”. Eating it would be an expression of selfishness because you are successfully taking it away from the other.

Beware of criticism of the food

Criticise the food only if you know the host well. Of course, you can admit it if you don’t like something.

No visit during meal times

If you are at someone’s home and it is time for lunch or dinner, you should only stay if you have actually been invited to dinner.

Offering food to others

If you have a snack or something to eat,  you have to offer it to the rest of the group. They will politely decline for sure, especially if you are not very familiar with each other.

Typical Spanish breakfast

The typical Spanish breakfast generally includes strong coffee with hot milk or natural orange juice plus a good toast with olive oil, tomato slices and Iberian ham. Simply awesome.

Typical Spanish lunch

starters: rice, potato, green salad. Also often vegetable, bean, or seafood soup.

Main courses: Fresh fish or seafood, roasted chicken or lamb with fried potatoes, or even rabbit stew is fine for them.

Desserts: A sweet pastry, fresh green fruit, or something cold like ice cream. They love eggs and dairy, many desserts are made from fresh milk or cream.

Drinks: Coffee and some herbal liqueur.

Typical Spanish Dinner

Dinner might include some tapas, omelette, fish or meat with green salad or even just some cold cuts like Iberian ham or salchichón. A lighter dessert of fresh fruit or yoghourt is the most common thing.

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