Published By: Shreya Ghai

Food on wheels - 5 must haves for a low budget decor for your food cart

Running a food truck or cart is a dream come true.

If you are into a food truck business and you want it to stand out and look super attractive, you will have to pay close attention to the designs, look of the cart, lighting, colours and other parts of the truck that will add more interest to your food cart. Your food truck should be pretty enough to grab maximum customers. So if you are looking to change the look of your food cart/truck here are a few things you must have to bring big and pretty changes with the smallest of design elements and props. Check them out!


Lights are a food truck’s show stopper. Lights add an instant brightness to your food truck. It will illuminate your brand’s presence. You can use lights in several ways like:

Wrapping around the food truck

Lights on the menu board and signage

On and around display counters

Lights on the door

Lights on the trees or sitting area if any

String lights


Wrapping your food truck in decal wraps is the best way to grab attention. There are endless varieties of decorative wraps which are easy to paste on the food truck and they look stunning. It has a clear advantage of providing necessary information on the truck itself such as, contact number, brand logo, name and even menu. Get a decal designed for your food truck according to your requirement. Pick a decal that is vibrant in color and accurate for your brand. You can also change the decals partially as per the season or any new add-ons in your menu.


Flowers add natural beauty to almost every decor. You can add dry flower decorations in and around your food truck to enhance its look. There are multiple branches and string flowers that have electric lights attached to it and can be easily wrapped around your menu board, takeaway counter or on the front opening door of your food truck. Adding flowers will give a vibrant look to your food truck.


You can get your favourite quotes framed and fix them on your food truck. It will create a unique and personalised aura corner where customers would love to get pictures clicked with the frames. It will beautify your truck and add an element of attraction to your food truck. Pick vibrant frames with nice and pun intended quotes to grab the eyes of the customers.

While you will surely choose the best design for your food truck, changing the way it looks from time to time will attract more attention and will also keep you motivated towards coming up with something different in your existing business.