Food that spikes your sugar – say no to it!

Know what spikes your sugar? Let’s check it out.

There are so many foods that we love eating but are unaware of their sugar spiking property. No, we are not just talking about unhealthy food but also those who are considered healthy can spike your sugar. That doesn’t mean you stop eating them right away, but you can always reduce the quantity you usually consume.

Blood sugar spikes occur when your blood sugar rises and then falls as soon as you eat. They are one of the main reasons for you to feel lethargic and hungry. If you control your food habits you will  save yourself from leading to type 2 diabetes. Let’s take a look at the list of the food items which spike your sugar level.

BROWN RICE – Many of you may have switched to brown rice over white rice for a better diet and weight loss programme. Most of you have always been under an assumption that brown rice is better than white rice and more healthy. While it certainly has more fibre than white rice, it also has around 40 and above grams of carbohydrates in 1 cup that breaks down into glucose, further spiking up your sugar level. So watch out your portion size the next time you cook your brown rice.

FRUIT JUICE – The most healthy drink as considered by almost everyone, the reality is that a fresh orange is packed with fibre, carbs, vitamins and around 15 gms of carbohydrates whereas when you juice it up, it loses most of its fibre and nutrients and you end up consuming around 45 gms of carbs in one glass of juice. Better stick to fresh or frozen berries and fruits rather than consuming a glass of juice.

WHOLE WHEAT BREAD & PASTA –Breads and pasta are the quickest recipes to make for easy meals but they are packed with processed carbs and highly increase your blood sugar levels.  Try switching to sourdough breads or a healthier version of pasta to keep your blood sugar level in control.

BANANAS & GRAPES –  The two stars of your fruits basket that everyone loves to have are sure delicious but they are also packed with a lot of carbohydrates that can spike your sugar levels instantly. Instead try eating a handful of berries to satisfy your cravings.

Other factors that can trigger your sugar levels are:

Artificial sweeteners

Lack of sleep

Skipping breakfast


Whether or not you are diabetic, being informed about what can trigger your blood sugar can        always help you watch out what you are eating and lead you to a healthier lifestyle. If you think you are consuming any of these foods in excessive amounts, you can control your portion size in order to stay healthy and avoid letting your sugar level spike.

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