Foods for Sleep Hygiene

Foods that help you achieve quality sleep and maintain a productive life


Sleep hygiene contains the set of rituals you adhere to for deep and sound sleep. Maintaining sleep hygiene is imperative to replenish cells, rebuild tissues and refuel energy. Getting in ample sleep means you do not get absolutely burned out with a forty-hour work schedule.


Besides other necessities— setting the ambience, doing physical activities throughout the day, removal of gadgets before going to sleep, cutting down on large meals and reducing screentime, getting the right diet plays an equally integral role. 


Here is a list of essential ingredients to assimilate into diet for a desirable quantum of sleep.


Sip on Some Fragrant Chamomile Tea

The sedative effect of chamomile is too soothing on your frayed nerves that delay sleep. A hot cuppa means you sleep in peace and wake up all refreshed and energised. Chamomile is an effective remedy for insomnia-related issues such as chronic depression, anxiety, and irritation. The component apigenin which the tea contains is a natural sedative to fill up your daily quota of sleep. 

Tea is certainly the best resort, but you may also try chamomile supplements for a higher concentration of chamomile than tea. Experts suggest drinking the tea for about 45 minutes before going to bed.


Munch on Soaked Almonds 

Almonds contain an abundance of melatonin– a hormone that fixes your disrupted sleep schedule. Besides, almonds assure you fibre and magnesium that relax muscles. Including almonds in your diet also reduces risks of chronic diseases—cardiovascular ailments and Type 2 Diabetes, besides other health hazards that might arise with prolonged inadequate sleep. Soak the almonds overnight to extract their nutrients the right way. 


Include Kiwi in Bedtime Shenanigans 

Kiwi is rich in vitamins and minerals—the most relevant are Vitamins C and E, folate and potassium, which act words to your bouts of insomnia. If you make a point to eat kiwi—maybe one or two at the most, a couple of hours before bedtime, it is proven to yield the best results. Time and again, kiwi has emerged as one of the best sources of serotonin which lulls you to a calm sleep. 


Treat yourself to Tart Cherry Juice

Tart terry juice has an impressive list of health benefits and inducing sleep is one of them. A boon to those running low on melatonin, tart cherry is a good source of magnesium and prosperous– to cure insomnia, and tryptophan—to increase the body’s production of melatonin. A glass when consumed in the evening is most beneficial to generating sleep. 


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